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A little over twenty years ago, with an assist from Lynne Loomis, I wrote four short beginners book which we called the Fundamentals.

They covered the subjects of craps, blackjack, video poker, and of course poker. And over the years, we have produced several updates to these books with the latest one for the Fundamentals of Poker just being completed.

Poker, in its many different forms, is one of the premier gambling games throughout the world. It offers excitement and action, demands great skill from an expert player, and contains a certain element of luck.


This book discusses various aspects of the many different types of poker that are popular in casinos and public cardrooms.

Fundamentals Of Poker by Mason Malmuth

These include the ranking of hands, poker etiquette, and elemental poker concepts. But to help you get started, we have concentrated on the low-limit games. pokrr

In fact, if you choose to play on the Internet, games exist where you can play for pennies in addition to games where only play money is used. These are excellent places for someone new to poker to start.

Fundamentals of Video Poker

Poker tournaments also have become popular in recent years. Major poker tournaments also are hosted by the large card casinos throughout the world, and countless small events are regularly scheduled in legal cardrooms throughout the United States, in many foreign countries, and on the Internet.

The maalmuth array of live-action games rundamentals competitive events available continues to promote the increasing popularity of poker. The material in this book covers play in live cardrooms as well as on the Internet. However, be forewarned that some of these books can be quite challenging.


But if you become a serious poker player, many of them are certainly worth reading and you might discover that improving your poker game is a challenge that can last a lifetime.

Fundamentals of Poker: Lynne Loomis, Mason Malmuth: : Books

In addition, there are many websites on the Internet where poker information and poker discussion is available. Our favorite is www.

But we also need to let you know, so that there is full disclosure, one of the authors of this book is the primary owner of this site. The fundamenttals wish to thank the following for their advice and assistance: Introduction Poker, in its many different forms, is one of the premier gambling games throughout the world.

Information Overload by Phil Newall. Defending Against a Steal by Christopher “ceegee” George.

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