A sequel to Tai-pan (), this is the sixth novel in Clavell’s Asian saga and takes place in The gai-jin (foreigners) have arrived, intent. Clavell is in top-notch form in this sequel to Tai-pan, the second novel in what will be the Shogun quartet. In another monumental panorama of historic Asia. This is the third book of James Clavell’s Asian Saga. Two years ago, I read the first book, Shogun, and a year ago, I read the second, Tai-Pan.

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Perry of the American Navy. He is shot outside her window but no-one suspects he was leaving; it is rumored that he was trying to break in. Dangerous, lots of blood, samurais, spies, prostitutes – another well crafted masterpiece.

He is not expected to last long and while he is in bed sick, he shows his emotions for Angelique, a voluptuous but penniless French girl. I cant think of a better solution. As usual with Clavell’s Asian Saga, the book is meticulously researched and intricately plotted, so it almost feels like you’re actually there. I suppose there are times in which I sort of disliked this book, but then later I realized that I only “disliked” it because I was expecting something else.

This time, Angelique is not drugged, but she yields and tricks Ori into leaving afterwards instead of killing her, as she knew he intended.

Despite much Japanese prevarication, and the three-way interpreting necessary English-Dutch-Japanesea deal is struck. Oct 12, Frank Pinelander rated it really liked it. The story opens with a fictional rendition of the Namamugi Incident.

Marriage to the infatuated Malcolm seems increasingly attractive but she must keep her rape an absolute secret. His mother is now officially taipan.

When she recovers, she find she has gained wisdom and an icy calm and lost all claevll. Enter the ISBN to find the book.

James Clavell’s Gai-Jin : A Novel of Japan

People whisper information to one another, and people play mind games to the umpteenth degree. I guess I bought it and thought I would read it later and simply forgot about it with my other book club selections. However, I couldn’t finish Gai-Jin despite starting to read it three times over the last 10 years. Amid the brutality and heroism, the betrayals and the stunning romance, a multilayered, complex story unfolds.


The French spy introduces Tyrer to the delights and protocols of Japanese brothels. The Shogun is a young boy, and the Emperor is a distant figure. I read the rest of Clavell’s Asian Saga well before maybe a decade?

The British navy are actually in port protecting the business interests of the traders. The entire country was united after centuries of anarchy and fragmentation. This is an epic, a saga, and thus, the plot of the book cannot be easily contained by a few select words. Tough call, but I think I’ll go on to Noble House.

Maybe I heavily misinterpreted contents of the book, maybe I’ve seen something that others overlooked. If people are going to give me two or three weeks of their time, you have to repay them. Home Adventure Biographies Business. Not as good as either, but still follows galjin characters. I may just hate her because she’s French, in which case, I make no apologies. There a lot of moving plot machinations and torn character motivations, but the moments of badassery were separated by too many pages of stupid shit that you really don’t give a flying fart about.

Many of the men have permanent concubines, as well. This unleashes a storm of incriminations back and forth between the British representatives and the Japanese.

Gai-Jin by James Clavell | : Books

This was the third book in the Asian Saga, but the last one that Clavell penned, so as a geriatric prune eater, he seemed to have felt a need to put a pretty ribbon on the series and tie everything up. Contrasting the eras of these two giants are the failures and tragedies of Struans, and the unlikely saviours that emerge from the ruins.

The heir to the magnificent English trading company, the Noble House…the direct descendant of the first Toranaga Shogun battling to usher his country into the modern age…a beautiful young French woman forever torn between ambition and desire … Their lives intertwine in an exotic land newly open to foreignersgai-jin, torn apart by greed, idealism, and terrorism.


And when there’s the end, you just stare to emptiness and the only feeling you’re left with is clzvell, as in the other Clavell’s stories: Chicago Tribune 23 Nov The lords and samurai were encouraged to spend lavishly so that they would remain in debt and would become accustomed to a life of luxury, always easily intimidated by the military dictatorship whenever required. Description Grand in scope and scale, filled with the richness and passion of two great histories coming together, Gai-jin is the long-awaited sixth novel in James Clavell’s magnificent Asian Saga.

Malcolm is not yet 21, the age set by Jamee that a man must reach to become Tai-pan. I read the other Noble House series. Lastly, within the foreigners, there’s the pivotal role of Angelique Richaud, a Frenchwoman, and Philip Tyrer, a British translator.

The samurai — whose purpose was duty to the master, had always held merchants in low esteem. Unfortunately, James Clavell does not offer definitions or explanations for what each of these intriguingly named acts would entail.

Oct 13, Laura Noggle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Angelique’s syphilis-stricken fellow Frenchman Andre Poncin wends his way through the plot toward a glorious love- death with his Japanese mistress while Japanese warlords fight each other, samurai endlessly behead samurai, earthquakes shiver, and Yokohama vaijin. I agree Clavell took a different approach in Gai-Jin.

However, where Shogun had one main character this one had a bunch 10? The Times15 May Well, it was promising in the beginning, I suppose. The foreigners are represented by the diplomats and the traders. Like Tai-Pan, the ending disappointed me. In Gaojin stepped down and returned power to Emperor Meiji.

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