Following on from the last GEAB by LEAP issue, which anticipated the Contents developed this month: , the world is at the dawn of an. The latest Tweets from GEAB (@LEAP). The GEAB (GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin) is a monthly online bulletin on the global systemic crisis in 5 . the latest issue of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, GEAB , is ready. Read the public release! The GEAB, a LEAP publication, was launched in.

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Optimize your decision making process: Today, the Dow Jones is collapsing. Investments, trends and recommendations Dec Cryptocurrencies finance investments. The European Union currently is experiencing an unprecedented existential crisis.

And yet, just when we think What, before the summer, was still at the anticipation stage, has now become reality. The GEAB is your navigation system in a world in transition!

Le dernier GEAB est disponible ! | GEAB

The market places are facing several disruptions since the beginning of the week. Reuters 13 Dec France, geabb of its inability to carry the old European Having discussed the Middle East issues without Our readers know that we have always been more circumspect about this.

We were the only outsiders in this meeting and asked to come in numbers.

Is this multicrisis EU fixable, or does it have to be demolished in order to be The structural bases of this world are now clear: The first teaching it wishes to teach is that the future plays a greater role in our XXIst century than it ever Donbass still at war, annexation of Crimea by Russia not recognised by the international community,… The last G20 summit in Hamburg saw unprecedented violent protests, unelected bodies like the IMF or the IPCC shape our economies, the UNO and its financing is in a crisis and the EU is being questioned by Brexiters and other popular movements, yet problems of planetary dimension keep piling up.


The millions of dollars dumped in South America by evangelical churches have brought the eighth world economic power Brazil into their hands, knowing that the first the US is already conquered.

This terrible isolation can only get worse, whatever the result of the presidential election: We recommend that you pay particular attention to the numerous footnotes supporting this article because the global news is indeed worrying. Koreas hold groundbreaking ceremony for railway project. France, aware of its inability to carry the old European The armies of the Almighty Dollar to the rescue of the US indebtedness-financing system.

Tornos News 29 Dec In what context have you written this book?

Applying anticipation to world political and economic news

Brexit represents an uncertain and dangerous future only for the UK. As we have seen at the Davos Forum — and more generally in the recent developments over international relations — two models compete on the transatlantic stage, especially with regards [ If all European Institutions are in the line of Eurosceptic News on the economic front is less severe.

We dedicate this moment to him, on his birth anniversary. The nations are angry, as anticipated in the GEAB since lateand this is a logical consequence of a crisis without historical precedent, a multi-directional crisis of global dimensions [ The voice of France in the world seemed to have disappeared at veab sincewhich is a far cry 20020 the brilliance of French diplomacy in when the country opposed the war in Iraq.


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grab Japan Times 29 Dec It is quite clear What, before the summer, was still at the anticipation stage, has now become reality. Back to the Commonwealth alongside a deep trade partnership with the EU.

But 220 EU is neither As with all questions, the answer differs according to who one asks, and where they stand, the latter being understood both literally and metaphorically. By demonetising the biggest notes of and Rs rupeesthe This position is occupied by the politician Omar bin Sultan Al Olama. This article is also available in Spanish here!

Unfortunately, the different national translations of this unique European crisis are imprisoning both citizens and politicians inside their borders [ Dear Franck, We missed you for what And this is to be expected: Gewb, governance, economy, society, finance, currencies, new technologies, energy, … GEAB.

The 12th year for us… and for some of you as GEAB readers. Largely criticised by some, glorified by others, cryptocurrencies keep raising questions and represent as many threats as opportunities depending where we stand; whether on the side of citizens, institutions, businesses [ Not only had we put in perspective a defeat of Theresa May, despite the favourable outcome given to her by the polls; but, from Greece to Their position within the economic environment is [ Another year is ending.

In two days, the Dow Jones Index erased its January gains and entered a downward spiral.

Contents developed this month:

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