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The only thing that some may find distracting is how each chapter ends up from two different time periods, so you are getting a story of the past and then the present with each chapter.

I regret reading this book and i only read it due curiousity This story was really intense, hard in many ways but for many people who are narrow minded it could very well be THE book to open there eyes and see that BDSM is just a lifestyle chosen between two Consenting Adults! Does it have a happy or at least satidfying ending? Mom is also an abused doormat. May 15, Samantha rated it did not like it Shelves: Sweet, beautiful and innocent on the outside. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

On the other hand, i like how the alternating time line at each chapter, it did build up suspense and drew a better understanding to character development of David. A beautiful and memorable love story. The story does end abruptly, though; as I got closer and closer to the finish thanks to that little bar and percentage mark at the bottom of the screenI kept thinking, “no, not yet!


I was totally taken back by it since I’ve never read it before. But who knows how would I react if I was in their place, so I am not going to judge them.

Generational Sins

Roll over Christian, David is here. This book contains very adult situations and is not suitable reading for those under the age of eighteen. Kat is a strong character to play a part of a sub. Strength to overcome the abuse.

What I loved about blir resolution was what it did for Ellen, David’s mother, and how the emotional genfrational affected David – and, in turn, his relationship as Dom to Kat. Although, I would have to say that David and Kat did have what most would consider an unhealthy relationship.

Richard is a controlling, brutal man that David must put a second skin on for, sleeping with a different woman every week because he knows his father will ask. He couldn’t stand up to his daddy for anyone. I’m not new to this genre and maybe I’ve become a little jaded in what I deem “shocking” but when I try and envision myself in the same position as these characters, I just can’t find all generaitonal actions plausible.

The idea of having experienced sub Kat who introduces natural but inexperienced Dom David to the world of BDSM and safewords was very interesting for me. Sep 14, Lucia rated it liked it.

I was beyond excited when he was called in too. I knew right then, as I looked into her patient, understanding eyes that I would never love another woman like I loved her. This was a very disturbing book from the beginning until something BIG happens. The chapters alternate and as we learn more about the past, it builds a stronger picture of the present – the structure worked really well.


Generational Sins by Samantha Blair – FictionDB

A real relationship with Kat seemed beyond David’s ability, beyond his understanding and something he wasn’t sure he had any right to even want. It is eye-opening for him, to say the least: David can’t leave his family especially his mother.

I tried to finish it- I figured if I just skimmed through some parts maybe I could get into it. This is 50 shades on it’s head.

Generational Sins Series

You had to feel the depravity of the father-in-law to truly grasp the overall development of all isns Wow! When David leaves for college he takes his father’s lessons with him – how to use and abuse women.

There really aren’t enough words to describe samabtha awesomeness that is this book, so I’ll just say that it’s erotic romance at it’s finest. I love that, I love characters and real-life people! View all 26 comments. Yes, but not in a good way.

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