Publisher: Bologna: Zanichelli, Edition/Format: Print book: ItalianView all editions and formats. Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews – Be the first. Subjects. Title, Genetica molecolare umana. Author, Jack J. Pasternak. Translated by, A. Suvero. Publisher, Zanichelli, ISBN, , Paperback; Publisher: Zanichelli (Jan. 1 ); Language: Italian; ISBN X; ISBN ; Parcel Dimensions: x x cm.

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The basics of the positional cloning. Although a book can help the study, it is highly recommended to follow actively the course. Salta al contenuto principale.

Infine, verranno descritti approcci di genetica classica per la produzione di genehica animali e vegetali di interesse biotecnologico.

Analisi genetica del significato funzionale di tali interazioni e costruzione di networks di interazione. Omeostasi telomerica e invecchiamento.

Instability of the human genome: Examples of application for biotechnological purposes on microbial organisms. Another aim of the course is to provide a panoramic view of the various aspect of the environmental mutagenesis and in particular of the environmental genotoxic risk at which human are subjected.

Neurodisorders for aberrant expansion of triplet microsatellites. Checkpoint da danni al DNA e malattie genetiche derivate dal loro malfunzionamento es. Skip to main content. For all enquires regarding the credits held by Prof. A multistep design for a powerful and cost-effective GWAS. The course material will be made available, it is nevertheless strongly recommended the use of specific books for study. Most of what the student needs to know for their preparation to the exam gennetica be downloaded from this website.

Esempi di applicazione a scopi biotecnologici su organismi microbici. Mutagenesi casuale e sito specifica. Using this website the gehetica can: Potenziali applicazioni biotecnologiche nel campo della diagnostica e della terapia farmacologica es. Identification of mutant variants.



With regard to scientific articles analyzed in the classroom, the students must also demonstrate their ability in analyse the scientific subject treated, their understanding of the experiments carried out, the results obtained and their interpretation.

Inoltre, verranno fornite conoscenze sulla produzione di varianti mutanti e sullo studio di interazioni gene-gene e gene-farmaco, discutendo potenziali applicazioni biotecnologiche nel campo industriale, della terapia farmacologica e della diagnostica. No laboratories are foreseen for this course. This course, aimed at students of an advanced degree in Biology, deals with molecular characterization, organization and regulation of the human nuclear and mitochondrial genome.

Highly compatibility programs are guaranteed for 3 consecutive years.

Expression of the human gene: Since the most interesting of the applicative aspects obviously regard human health, special attention will be given to developing the molecular aspects of monogenic and complex diseases and basic information on the instability of the human genome mutation and repair and on some currently fast growing sectors such as: Each topic is presented in an experimental form, trying to answer the reasons for the experimentation, the way it was carried out, the results achieved and the significance of the results.

However, examples of questions proposed at the exam in the context of the proposed articles can be obtained in this link: Telomerase and proteins of the shelterin complex as possible molecular targets in anti-tumor therapies. Master degree in Neurosciences. Telomeric homeostasis and aging. Mapping homozygosity traits exploiting the autozygosity mapping.

Example of mapping for autozygosity using NGS. Genetic controls of telomere stability and consequences of their alterations. Comparison between classical and molecular genetic approaches.


The correct interpretations of the results. The course provides a detailed overview of methodologies for monitoring human populations and the environment itself e.

Genetica Molecolare Umana Pdf To Jpg

The information content of a polymorphism. The example of CYP2D6 in the metabolism of antidepressants and other drugs. During the test, the student will have to answer 5 open questions. Some scientific papers about the problems faced will also be analyzed and discussed. The course will be carried out geneticca the aid of slides.

PDF for the written exam. Genetic analysis of the functional meaning of these interactions and construction of interaction networks. An extra oral examination can be requested, optionally, by the students. What information can we understand? The assessment of the knowledge will be carried out by a written exam at the end of the course. Pacific-Biosciences and Helicos Biosciences. Esempi di applicazione a scopi biotecnologici. This examination will assess the students’ ability to apply knowledge to specific problems, to molecollare the various acquired knowledge and to give a critical judgment and also their ability to communicate the knowledge learned.

Unana the candidate region exploiting a common ancestor in closed populations. Subscribe to the exam. Types of polymorphisms in the genomes.

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