English] Mitra-Varuna: an essay on two Indo-European representations / Georges Dumezil. Inc. translated by Derek Coltman p.I’ 3-dcI9 BL6. Indo- European. In his work, the late Georges Dumézil, arguably the most important modern mythologist, In effect, Mitra-Varuna presents an archaeology of representations of. Mitra-Varuna by Georges Dumezil, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Moreover, it was a development that did not take on any precise form, significantly enough, until that moment when the religion of Mithra had in fact become detached from Iran.

After he had lost his wife, Tatia, Numa preferred to live alone in the countryside, walking in the groves and meadows sacred to the gods. By the late Roman Republic, the Lupercalia – as we know from the attempts undertaken by the early emperors to restore them – had declined in importance.

They, themselves, drew lots for power: Certainly it is indisputable that the lives, the works and the very figures of Numa and Romulus, even allowing for some inconclusiveness of georgges, were conceived of throughout the 49 MITRA- VARUNA entire tradition as strictly antithetical. Before that, however, I shall set out clearly the constants and variables encountered so far.

Horace et les Curiaces, p. IOasse, ,13, sectionspp. Eventually, they decide to hurl themselves upon him, but just then the thunder of the collapsing bridge and the joyful shouts of the Romans fill them with duezil sudden fear and stop them in their tracks fragor The Pious Line and the Warlike Line: This, Plutarch says, is the origin of the lictores, whose name derives from ligare cf.

The best known of these three traditions is the one concerning the head of Mimr, which possesses knowledge of the runes and teaches it to Odhinn.

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But all that is irremediably lost. Excess – the dumdzil cause of the accident – also provides the remedy. The Luperci, as with the group of men the Gandharva seem to represent in mythic transposition, constitute precisely that one exception. Ida, in the language of the ritual, is a solemn offering that consists of four milk byproducts In the triad of gods, Jupiter and Mars are homogeneous, but Quirinus is not.


Analogies will be found – as will differences, of which I can give one important example. By means of the nexum, a humilis would bind himself to a potens and would accept bond-service of some kind, because no more-balanced form of exchange is conceivable between them.

It read at a moderate pace and had much information about the Indo-European people’s ideology. He establishes almost all the priestly colleges ibid. The Irish, and the sedentary Celts in general, of the period after the great migrations, are of the Roman and Indo-Iranian type with respect to property.

India merely developed this germ of meaning in dumezjl of human feelings, without losing sight of its ancient economic and social origins.

Polybius, for example HistoriesVI, 55even though he is the only writer to accept that Codes was badly wounded and died after the battle, is clear on this point, despite his generally rather slapdash wording: You can view this on the NLA website. With their skin whips the Luperci bring fertility to all the women they encounter, without selection or restriction; their prototypes, Romulus and his companions once carried off the Sabine women who were later also collectively whipped and anonymously made fertile at the first Lupercalia.

At the moment, I lack the means to embark upon this immense field of study with any hope of useful results.

It is also worth noting that the terrible Jupiter, the other component of the Roman sovereign couple, is also – in essence and in a warlike context – a god of lightning. The Luperci, they say, were imitating the pastoralis iuventus, the young men who had gathered around Romulus and Remus.


Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty by Georges Dumézil

Varuna eventually consents to a substitution; but, whatever happens, he wants a human victim equal or superior to the prince. A riot breaks out. The Fir Bolg have refused, and a fierce battle ensues. As if that terrible god was not capable of consistency, could not act, could not become accessible, except by night; as if he could not even appear without bringing on the night.

Advanced search Search history. Moreover, this characteristic is certainly ancient since in Iran, although the Avesta and the Mazdean texts speak of the Gandarova Gandarep. Of course, the wolf is unable to free itself. Moreover, it is to Aeneas, not to Romulus, that the emperors were to trace back their title to power.

Mitra-Varuna : an essay on two Indo-European representations of sovereignty in SearchWorks catalog

For the mechanism geared to function per aes et libram, it substitutes an entirely heterogeneous commitment – the sacramentum, made man to man, in front of the commander-in-chief. Then they shower him with javelins undiquein unum hostem tela coniiciunt ; but all stick bristling in his shield, and he, stubborn and unmoved, continues with giant strides to hold the bridge neque ille minus obstinatusingentipontem obtineretgradu During the following years, I continued my attempts to deal with a series of precisely defined questions in the same way.

One group ensures a continuous fecundity against interruption and accident; the other makes good an accident and reestablishes an interrupted fecundity.

Lokasenna, stanzas 38 and If the georgrs were bound without any special formula with a rope, then she would become the thing of Varuna.

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