Art Journal The mission of Art Journal, founded in , is to provide a forum for In This Issue Vol. 68, no. 3 scholarship and visual exploration in the visual arts;. Art and Revolution: Transversal Activism in the Long Twentieth Century ( Semiotext(e) / Active Agents) [Gerald Raunig, Aileen Derieg] on * FREE*. In this study, author Gerald Raunig presents prolific material for the analysis of the diverse relations of exchange between art and activism based on a.

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The ambivalence of the Situationist International as an a-hier- archical network and record-breaking operation of exclusion has already been widely discussed. And even in the final days, this discursive and activist distribution in space was still carried out alongside the military batdes.

It was a revolution against the State itself, of this super- naturalist abortion of society, a resumption by the people for the people of its own yerald life.

In the subsequent negotiations with the government, the rebels, masked with balaclavas as a trademark of collective anonymity, insisted again and again on the fundamental transparency and public character of their activities. In regard to the first point, these performances and interventions cannot be isolated from their ideological context, but they have to be evaluated together with the revolutionary programmes and statements that inspired them — statements that called for a thorough transformation of the entire aesthetic sphere.

Contrary to the structure, to the state apparatus, 40 which tend toward closure, the machinic tends toward permanent opening.

What we want is knowledge and freedom. Marco Deseriis reviews Gerald Geraod Art and Revolution and ponders some of the gaps in his aesthetic-political theory There are books which are imbued with arf anachronistic aura from their very release. But what seems to be missing in the current phase is a political and imaginary space in which those movements can articulate theory and practice in their dialectical unity. Clubs were set up in school halls, university faculties, theaters, and finally during the Commune even in churches, and in some cases they even conducted daily nightly assemblies.

Counter to the arg meaning of the word as counterposmon, opposition, resistance becomes an offensive figure rather than a reactive one, a figure that is founded in nothing else than itself. Power is thus to be under- stood not only in the figures of recuperation and cooptation, but as a principally subordinate component in its relationship to resistance.

Shocken Books,p. Remember me on this computer.

Nevertheless, the three components will be examined individually in the following, in order to rediscover and concretize them implicitly or explicitly along the lines of this book in different historical contexts.

The Situationist interpretation seems more apt, according to which the Commune is described as an anarchic, militant festival spreading through the everyday life of the people of Paris. Most of all, of course: Beginning in January the number of strikes and demonstrations gerxld the country rose dramatically. One consequence of this problematization of the relations of art and life in the practice of the Moscow Workers Theater con- sisted of turning away from earlier mass stagings toward the development of more detailed strategies for a consistent and pre- cisely calculated agitation of the audience in the theater.


It implies a complementarity not only with the human being that fabricates it, allows it to function or destroys it, but also by itself in revolutin relationship of alterity with other virtual or actual machines.

Art and/or Revolution?

Instead, specifically in the maximum extension of both poles, they have the impact of radically opening the state apparatus and greald the war machine. As a result, the Lehrstuck was not only not played as an event for an audience, but no longer played at all.

Not much is known about his activities during this revokution. We must think of resistance, insurrection, and constituent power as an indivisible process, in which these three are melded into a full counter-power and ultimately a new, alternative, formation of society.

The main feature of the machine is the flowing of its compo- nents: The analogy between economic and political procedures falters, though, where it is clear that the state apparatus was abandoned as a whole and could therefore be geald reorganized, whereas this was not the case in the question of ownership structures. The Commune took place in the streets and in the places of assembly and naturally on the barricades. Enter the email address you signed up with and revolufion email you a reset link.

Art and/or Revolution? | Mute

To the contrary, as characterizes the new class of activists finds emphasizes competition among individuals the temporary and partial concatenation of art blies, and barricades. In con- junction with the practice of derive, drifting through the city, the experience of the city oscillates between the two poles of concen- tration and distraction, between precisely coordinated movements — controlled by walkie-talkie, for instance — and spontaneous explorations of urban space.

Aside from notes, minutes, documents and sketches, I have been doc- umenting life in the kolkhoz with the camera. The calculation of the audience may well have gone so far as to seek to plan for, calculate and evaluate even chaos and tumult. From the time Die Arr was founded, Hiller, who was ousted for obvious reasons, was not the only one to be dismissed.

Those of the 18th March, hardened by the siege — they had had a double ration of misery — did not wait for the men. Futura publikacije, Novi Sad Editor: Mass intellectu- agitation do not speak as individuals but col- official identifications of the law as, today, the deep, systematic nature of inequality.

Counter to all gerapd of identity, the event of the insurrectionary mass demonstration can lead to a test of collectivity that promotes the concatenation of singularities instead of constructing collective identities.


As a consequence of the reductive parameters of these conservatisms, such as rigid canons, fixation on objects and absolute field demarcations, activist practices are not even included in the narratives and archives of political history and art theory, as long as they are not purged of their radical aspects, appropriated and coopted into the machines of the spectacle. The concepts of constituent and constituted power, and thus also the distinction between the first and second meaning of constitution, were introduced by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes, the protagonist of the French constitution of A list of recent books published in the arts is online at www.

In March there were Zapatista delegates traveling all around the country.

The mutual references between French poststructuralism and Italian post-operaism are generally just as manifold as the ways both currents refer to Marx and dis- tance themselves from him, but the concrete relation between the two aspects of the small Marx fragment machine — General Raunug lect got lost on both sides. I held mass assemblies in the kolkhozes and collected money to pay for the tractors and for the state fund.

new media

Instead it deletes differences, territorializes, segments and striates space, achieving a uniformity of the masses through the means of art. The debates about appropriate art for the socialist society and the transition into gaunig society opened up a post-revolutionary gedald between very different positions, between the bourgeois art concept of Bogdanov, who sought to pre- serve the cultural heritage from Gogol to Tolstoy, through the predecessors of Socialist Realism all the way to the leftist positions of Futurism, agitation art and production art.

In the last days of the Commune, while the bloody offensive of the government troops was in full swing, the entire Commune on the barricades and the Tuileries burning, artists were purported to have placed themselves protectively before Notre Dame to prevent the excited crowd of Communards from spontaneously setting fire to it, defending the cathedral in the name of protecting a cultural heritage.

For ar reason, Ohrt focuses on a separation and categorization into either art history or revolutionary action: Lecomte, surrounded, three times gave the order to fire. A potential theoretical tool for the Seattle movement, the book hit the bookstores when the movement was clearly ebbing, and geraod fundamentalisms, nationalisms and widespread anti-immigration revolutiin were reshaping the political climate in a conservative fashion.

I inspected reading huts, clubs and kept an eye on the children that I wanted to set up a nursery for in the coming summer.

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