[Ian King] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ASIN: Title: Get Buffed! Lan King’s Guide to Getting Bigger, Stronger and Leaner!. Get Buffed! III has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. Ian King’s Guide to getting BIGGER, STRONGER & LEANER!The trilogy is complete! This is the third book in t. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about Get Buffed! 2, please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Get Buffed! 2.

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Get Buffed by Ian King

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Dec 4, Messages: Has anyone read “Get Buffed” by Ian King? Anyone else have other books they recommend?

Mar 16, Messages: Get Buffed is probably the BEST book in existence kiny people to learn how to design their own workouts. Short of becoming a personal trainer, this is one of the gst resources that doesn’t just shove a specific workout down your throat and say, “This is the best or only way” but instead teaches you HOW to determine sets, reps, exercises, etc.

II and III just take it to the next level. I’ve invested thousands in Ian’s materials because they are worth millions. I’d start with that Mar 12, Messages: I was pretty shocked by this statement So, when you put together your program, choosing eight or more exercises for the workout and combining them with the gwt “3x” standard, you automatically have a number of sets equaling 24 or more for the kig.


Does anyone else use this style? Would it be best to do this with a 5 day split? I’d say 7 out bufged 10 of my clients were overtraining before they hired me. The magazines publish routines based on people who have “optimal recovery” and have been training for a while. In fact, if there’s one complaint I get when I first prescribe a new training program, it’s usually, “This looks too easy” followed by a close second, “Why so much stretching? Of course, after a few weeks of trying it, I get This doesn’t mean everyone automatically can’t do more than 12, but many are overdoing it.

This is why, I believe, HIT and HST are such popular methods, because they reduce the volume of the buffdd so people can actually recover. Apr 1, Messages: When you add steroids to the equation, it changes everything. You suddenly enter that “optimal recovery” bracket. Several years consistently, doing it right many people don’t do it right Jan 5, Messages: Feb 1, Messages: Yes, that’s seven days, which means you always do the same iaan on a particular day from week to week.

If I had numbered more or less than 7, this wouldn’t be the case. I start Day 1 on Sunday, but I could just the same have started on a Monday or Thursday or any other day of the week.

I wrote “no more than 12 working sets” because that was the initial recommendation to which I was responding as well as your comment on it.

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In practice, yes, I work close to half that — though warm-up sets bring the total number of sets warm-up and working to about Obviously, you should find out what volume, frequency, and rep ranges you respond to best.


Keep in mind that the best range for you to work in may even change from exercise to exercise, that you should also try a variety of different things, and that you shouldn’t stick to a routine for too long or too short of a time.

I was just posting what I’ve been doing to help validate the notion that low volume may be better for some people than a larger amount. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Funny, I ran you through my current routine in a previous post. If you could, please give me your opinion on it and any modifications you would apply.

I’ve responded in the other post. Back to Ian King and lower volume Apr 28, Messages: Jun 7, Messages: Nov 7, Messages: You must log in or sign up to post here. Share This Page Tweet.

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