We supply and manufacture Cordless Phone batteries and battery packs. Download and view manual or user guide SIEMENS GIGASET QUICKSTART Mobile phone online. Click here to go to download SIEMENS GIGASET. Click on image to enlarge. AA – AA mAh NiMH Cordless Phone Battery This Cordless Phone battery will fit the SIEMENS GIGASET Cordless Phone.

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If you wish to use remote operation, the system code has to be entered.

SIEMENS GIGASET 1015 Cordless Phone Batteries

The number is dialled after a brief interval. Any previous recordings are deleted automatically. The base station loudspeaker outputs all that it spoken into the mobile unit or telephone.

This chapter contains basic user information and descriptions of important procedures for operation in conjunction with the Gigaset base station. Right of modification reserved. Internal transfer of external call: AXB Individual settings on gigaser Gigaset S mobile unit Individual settings on the Gigaset S mobile unit You can configure your mobile unit individually. R Switch the microphone on.

Siemens Gigaset 1015 manual

Activating voice calling and taking the call 69 You hear the announcement: Other mobile units are not affected by the barring function. The pitch can be set to one of 6 levels.


This manual will be available for download after You place order for it. Each of the three mobile units is logged on at both base stations.

Selecting the operating mode 9 1 This is followed by the announcement: Each can also be accessed for incoming calls, irrespective of the radio range to which it belongs. We recommend initially charging the batteries gigast approximately 16 hours without interruption over night, for example. The advisory message operating mode is set automatically if the message memory is full. AXB Safety information Only use approved nickel-cadmium or nickelmetal-hybrid batteries!

Enter the 4-digit system code. The 2-digit LED display at the base station informs you how many messages are stored.

B To acknowledge the display. The default setting is 1. The mobile unit is switched on automatically for incoming calls. O Q c Keep pressing the key until the required number appears on the display of the mobile unit. This has the following advantages: AXB Important information on setup and operation Dialling method: Digits used for the days of the week: All logged-on mobile units remain registered.

Number of tone rings B I9 30 You can specify how many tone rings are applied before the answering machine is switched on.


Siemens Gigaset manual

This item will be sold as ‘special order’. Press B0, then Any barred codes entered are marked for storage. The dialogue keys on the rightand left-hand sides can be programmed as required. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Reference No.: AXB Important basic settings Switching on the mobile unit If the mobile unit is in the protect state: You are then requested to enter the time.

If you forget the number, the unit has to be opened up by a technician. The best station is displayed: Deleting all speed dialling numbers B8 2 o Gigaxet Start the procedure.

Only then does it search for the current base station. The following labels are attached to the battery compartments of the mobile and charger units: Press R to return to the waiting external call. If you wear a hearing aid, please note before using the telephone that radio signals gigset interfere with hearing aids and, if sufficiently loud, can cause a very unpleasant humming noise. B3 1 1B Start the procedure.

Select the trunk code.

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