Home of the Open Source Delphi&C++Builder OpenGL tool. GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library. . folder; Tortoise SVN: add the folder ” glscene” manually so you have lazarus/components/glscene. In GLScene the universe or 3D world is called a scene. We will learn how to start a basic GLScene application and how to control .. Tecplot User’s Manual.

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With GLScene things are not that simple. By default they will be placed in the rightmost position next to other component tabs.

Moderation Process Reminder

Camera will look at the scene from an interesting angle and perspective. It defines color of the object on direct light.

Math conventions anticipate that the up and down axis is Y, left and right axis is X and mmanual depth is described by Z. The resolution has to be readable for the graphics card and monitor. TGLSphere Radius is the size of the cube, Segments specifies how many polygons will be used to draw the cube and how smooth the curvature will be.

This is called module. There is a lot of articles about programming theory other than technical on Internet. There is more to programming than just clean code. But all functions have reasonable names and soon you will find those you need for your purpose.

Not only that you can set up all game environment design time. If you have cubes glsvene the same texture and you load the texture to each cube it will occupy the memory of textures. Those objects have to be registered manuwl the scene clearly saying where the objects position in the scene hierarchy is.


Usually they alter object’s movement, sound or collision detections. The object can be uniformly transparent or the transparency can be defined by texture.

There is no official documentation for GLScene except for the comments directly in source code.

Thanks for your help, Didier. Objects have MaterialLibrary property themselves, you have to use Material. If it has any children they are rendered next, the one on the top first again. Already have an account?

Without lights the scene would be dark. For more information about joints go to www. I owe a lot to GLScene community and I wanted to give something back by writing this document.

So you can see there was a lot of work and effort done by other people so you can make your spinning cube. Last edited by Thyandyr; at The top of the object tree is TGLScene. To open scene editor TGLScene has to be placed on the form.

Additive blending combines the colors of the object with colors behind it. At the glsxene there will be only Scene root that contains Cameras and Scene objects. There are seven packages in GLScene. Components are organized in four component tabs and can be placed on the form and accessed only in object inspector.

It points in the direction of normal of the plane. Insert image from URL Tip: Beyond that distance it has no effect. OpenGL is a standard and it should be installed on almost any PC nowadays.


But scene objects are created differently. Another interesting feature is minDeltaTime. Homework This is it. Proxy object refers to Master object. Double click on it in object inspector. However leaving Buffer default properties will suffice in most cases. Formats supported by GLScene are bmp, jpg and tga.


Animations are accessed by index or name. It is best to leave default settings for the most pleasing visual quality.

White parts of the image represent the highest altitude and black parts represent zero altitude. Make it look prettier. You may have to manually add GLScene directories in Delphi search path. This creates one small manuwl. You can make dummy cube visible run time with VisibleAtRuntime property. Default value is [0,0,0].

Making Games with GLScene in Lazarus on Windows

Check the box with caption Ignore this exception type and press the button to continue. Skip this chapter if you are familiar with this topic. The purpose of GUI components is to create 2D window controllers well known from Delphi — forms, panels, labels, check boxes etc.

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