Gmelina arborea Roxb. is a fast-growing species and is known to have been used in Gmelina arborea Roxb Bark extractives Phenylethanoid glycoside . ( ) Antifungal activity of constituents from the heartwood Gmelina arborea: part 1. Keywords. Gmelina arborea, medicinal properties, antifungal activity, antibacterial activity, antioxidant activity and chemical constituents. Gmelina arborea is a deciduous tree locally known as Ghamhar Keywords: Gmelina arborea, medicinal properties, antifungal activity, antiba.

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Gmelina arborea – Wikipedia

Volume 29 Issue 2 Janpp. Volume 66 Issue 8 Decpp. Kameswara Rao and L. Volume 68 Issue 8 Decpp. Volume 4 Issue Janpp.

Characterization and antioxidant activity of Amazonian woods. Volume 67 Issue 8 Decpp. About the article Published Online: My Content 1 Recently viewed 1 Antifungal activity of Volume 7 Issue 4 Janpp.


Volume 44 Issue 3 Janpp. Volume 62 Issue 2 Marpp. Analysis by Thin Layer Chromatography.

Volume 54 Issue 6 Octpp. Volume 54 Issue 6 Octpp. By using the comment function on degruyter. Novel gmwlina lignans from the heartwood of Gmelina arborea, Tetrahedron. Tanaka, Phytochemistry,Volume 24, Issue 8, Pages —, doi: In vivo and in vitro study. Volume 33 Issue 1 Janpp.

Wood density and fiber dimensions of G,elina arborea in fast growth trees in Costa Rica: Volume 42 Issue 3 Janpp. Volume 45 Issue s1 Janpp.

Gmelina arborea — Wikipédia

Volume 56 Issue 6 Novpp. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. On antifunngal Composition in Secondary Metabolites and the antioxidant activity of crude extracts from Gmelina arborea roxb. Kulkarni YA, Chavan D. Volume 20 Gmelinx 1 Janpp. Volume 20 Issue 1 Janpp. Premnazole an isoxazole alkaloid of Premnaintegrifolia and Gmelina arborea with antiinflammatory activity.

Leaves on wound healing in rats. Volume 13 Issue 1 Janpp.

Juvenile selection of Gmelina arborea clones in the Philippines, New Forest. Volume 46 Issue 5 Janpp.



Gmelina arborea arborfa are considered good for cattle crude protein — Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. Evaluation of the decay resistance properties of Cerbera odollam extracts and their influence on properties of particleboard. Assistance to the forestry sector of Bangladesh. Volume 30 Issue 4 Janpp. Volume 10 Issue 6 Janpp.

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