Günter Grass: Die Blechtrommel (Buchbesprechung mit ausführlicher Inhaltsangabe und Rezension von Dieter Wunderlich). Original print of the cover art of the Gunter Grass’ most famous work Die Blechtrommel. Signed by Gunter Grass on the bottom right hand. the art of Giinter Grass, who achieves balance through contrarities, through a juxtaposition The angular line of chronological narrative in Die Blechtrommel is .

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Oskar considers himself to have two “presumptive fathers”—his mother’s husband Alfred Matzerath, a member of the Nazi Partyand her cousin and lover Jan Blechtrommsl, a Danzig Pole who is executed for defending the Polish Post Office in Danzig during the Blevhtrommel invasion of Poland. Not caring for the world he is growing up in, a small boy determines to remain a child. Or, rather, Thank Grass. He reduces this farce we call sanity to rubble.

Perhaps realizing that he spoke a language that belonged to the world of myth and magic but not to his own century, Grass decided to convert his experiences into a twentieth century fairy tale.

You smile and laugh blechteommel you feel happy and cry when you are dei by pain. Like Oscar’s drumming, It could have been a more enchanting book for people who have lived through the war – unlike me who has to google out everything.

Günter Grass – Die Blechtrommel : Volker Neuhaus :

But ngter hold it in your hands and it will move you. As Hitler rises to power, three-year-old Oskar decides he doesn’t want to grow up.

He is indifferent to what happens around him, somewhat like Albert Campus and his Stranger – but in Oscar this indifference is too aggressive, almost insane. The main characters in each book are: And in art, Cupid is repeatedly depicted as a young naked boy of 3 dei 4 with fair skin and shiny golden locks The story revolves around the life of Oskar Matzerath, as narrated by himself when confined in a mental hospital during the years — Or, rather, I loved to hate it, while I was reading it.


He may diie well have served as war Mascot.

Always take care to be sitting on the rostrum and never to be di out in front of it. The Tin Drum “. Oskar got up slowly dje avoiding the shattered glass, moved quietly but single-mindedly toward the wooden rack with the toys, mentally constructing a pedestal of boxes on a nursery chair, tall and stable enough to make him the new owner of a brand-new tin drum, when Kobyella’s voice and then the janitor’s horny hand caught up with me.

The Tin Drum – Wikipedia

Cupid aka Erosthe god of Love, is depicted as a child, like a tiny cherub. Gifted with a piercing shriek that can shatter glass or be used as a weapon, Oskar declares himself to be one of those “clairaudient infants”, whose “spiritual development is complete at birth and only needs to affirm itself”.

They will organize torch light parades. Or you can start by declaring that novels can no longer be written, and then, behind your own back as it were, produce a mighty blockbuster that establishes you as the last of the great novelists.

This is a story I felt in my stomach. Showing us WW2 – and war in general- from another perspective. The scenes describing their ghter in a boxcar from Danzig to West Germany are the most disturbing ones, so I better skip these dei. His schizophrenia, self-obsession and complexes though won’t stop him from being witty – every page of the book has some really witty play of words on it.

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I’ve been reading up on my Greek and Roman gods to get better at crosswords, and just the other day, I read the story of Cupid. Like Dickens, Grass seemed to have perfected each chapter separately with too much glechtrommel and wit, rather than trying to keep a natural flow which makes you go to next chapter as soon as you finish one. We will never know what will happen to us nor understand why these things happen. Like Oskar, he was an opportunist. The two groups live in reasonably good harmony both possessing a love of alcohol, smoked-eels and illicit sex.


So he manipulates a “friend” into betraying him and accusing him of a murder he did not commit.

I think that it wo One crazy ride. I never read this novel before, of that I’m sure, and I only saw some trailers of the movie.

Günter Grass – Die Blechtrommel : Kommentar und Materialien

He was looking at those stupid adults from down to up but in the same time from up to down. Paperbackpages.

You can be modern, delete all reference to time and distance, and then proclaim or let someone else proclaim that at the eleventh hour you’ve finally solved blecbtrommel space-time problem. I AM an inmate of ynter mental hospital; my keeper is watching me, he never lets me out of his sight; there’s a peep-hole in the door, and my keeper’s eye is the shade of brown that can never see through a blue-eyed type like me.

His hero little Oskar however is traumatized. One of these days they will go searching for Poland with rockets. War as such doesn’t show up much grasw the book except a few chapters it contains no soldiers and guns. We all are born again drenched in sweats and stink. I am lost for more words here but one: He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in You would think an author of this caliber would produce something that has a sophisticated or should I say complicated?

He betrays both his fathers and his street-gang-followers boechtrommel save himself. War time madness mostly shows up in sexual madness. He wasn’t the jew.

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