Gocycle GS – Owner’s Manual (EN) – English. Tom. 4 months ago; Updated. Follow. Download the latest Gocycle GS Owner’s Manual. Gocycle GS Owners. Technical Bulletins, Owner’s Manuals and Documentation. GreenMiles is your Official Gocycle Partner for the Benelux. To meet the growing demand for mobility in and between urban areas, GreenMiles is convinced that.

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Fleet Management And Tour Operators Fleet management and Tour Operators If you operate a fleet of Gocycles that are lent to manuall who are not accustomed to the Gocycle or are running a tour operating service with the Gocycle as the chosen vehicle we would highly recommend manula the tamper proof security bolts. Carefully push the brake pads from the top of the calliper, as shown. The DRL will automatically turn on when the Gocycle is moves.

Exercise caution to avoid brake fluid godycle into contact with painted surfaces. By choosing to ride a Gocycle, you assume the responsibility for these risks, and it is important that you know how to ride responsibly and to exercise proper maintenance to minimise such risks and potential damage.


The warranty for the battery is 12 months, but its service life also depends on the conditions of use of the bicycle, and on how it is operated and how it is maintained. Never use a metal tyre lever as you will damage the wheel rim. Page 51 Refer to the table in 6. However, it is important that your Gocycle is dry before storage.


In the event of an accident and if safe to do so put your battery into sleep mode. No LEDs visible Resolution: How do I register the Gocycle and gain normal operation?

Battery Pack Disposal Never attempt to transport your lithium-ion battery by air without first seeking the prior approval of your airline. In the event that you wish to use a lower performance tyre with increased puncture resistance, you can use any BMX-sized tyre x from 1. This indicator is available on the built-in bicycle display.

The battery level is displayed on the built-in bike dashboard display. Do not use the battery with any other product.

Manuals – About Gocycle – GREENMILES® Official Gocycle Partner

How long does a fully charged battery last? Continue reading for important assembly advice, including how to register your Gocycle.

From time to time, it might be necessary to adjust your shifting; for example, if you hear a noise from your rear hub or your Gocycle is not holding in gear.

As per the pre-ride checks there must be a maximum of 10mm free play measured at the tip of the cam lever when open. Tighten to a torque of 3—4Nm. Extreme caution should be goycle when attempting to touch any part of the motor after it has been in operation—the same caution you would use in the kitchen with hot pots manua, pans or Orientate the Tool Holder as shown 1. But the company is working to ensure that this function is available to our customers in the near future.

Maximum Design Limit Front and Goyccle Reflectors Stopping the Gocycle The Gocycle is equipped with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes, operated by two levers on the handlebars shown. It is recommended to charge the Gocycle immediately after the trip.


Gocycle User Manual & FAQ

The motor will continue to operate while the red button is pressed and the pedals are rotating. Warranty Registration For your continued satisfaction and safety whilst riding your Gocycle, we strongly encourage you to register your Gocycle with us. Remove the three black rubber grommets as indicated by the arrows.

Manuap much does a full Gocycle charge?

Tool Holder installation is complete. Safety Such risks are increased in busy, urban environments with moving traffic. Place the Gocycle in a cycle stand, so the rear wheel and pedal cranks are free to turn. Do I need to fully recharge the battery before charging? No, it’s not necessary. Should you discover a fatigue crack more than 3mm long, or should you suspect that a component may have received an impact in an unusual way—such as if the product has been dropped—do not ride your Gocycle and immediately contact techsupport gocycle.

If brake fluid does come into contact with painted surfaces, wipe the surface immediately and clean with an isopropyl alcohol. Insert the 4mm Allen key A supplied with the Gocycle. It is considered normal to slightly heat the battery when traveling.

When changing a tyre, always use plastic tyre levers. Gocycle is a British product, designed with British weather in mind.

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