Gomenasai sheet music for t.A.T.u. on piano, flute with notes and chords by Erena. Gomenasai Intro sheet music for tatu on piano, flute with notes and chords by LakyBizarre. Posts about t a t u gomenasai written by Kisa. free sheet music ~drown yourself in music~. Home · About · FAQ T.A.T.U – Gomenasai · T.A.T.U – 30 Minutes.

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Would it be possible for you to get anything by The Rankins?

Tue Oct 30, 8: Daniel Incognito, a staff member of Sputnikmusic had said “Gomenasai feels like a million other romantic Pop songs with stereotypical violins, soft synthesizer sounds and mushy lyrics. Anonymous 3 January at Anonymous 1 April at Mon Oct 29, Yulia then changes her clothes and equips herself with weapons, then goes to start her car.

Gomenasai (t.A.T.u song)

There were two different videos produced for this single: If you could that would really mean alot to me because it would be in honour of one of my best friends who past away recently Anonymous 22 March at Anonymous 3 August at It’s too bad, I really would love to get some of their sheet music, but I guess as long as it’s not officially released that’s pretty difficult. Thu Apr 19, 9: All times are GMT – 5 Hours.


Thu Aug 09, 2: U -All musci Things she Said T. Thu Aug 09, I do also have handwritten sheet music for AAU, a really great piano solo, yet there is some listening works to do on that one, both the 1st verse and the chorus misses some notes. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Gomenasai; sheet music by Tatu

Lange 19 November at Marian 12 August at Mon Apr 16, 4: The song was written by Martin Kierszenbaumand production was handled by Kierszenbaum and Robert Orton. Anonymous 11 August at I – Sorry T. U – 30 Minutes T.

Roger Holland from PopMatters liked the single labelling it “Gentle” and “friendly”. Discography Awards and pinao Podnebesnaya No.

Retrieved 24 March And with more feeling Anonymous 10 March at Due to the further conflict, the group decided to leave the record label. It uses the lyrics “What I thought was a dream If you won’t stand behind us, please feel free to stand in front of us. Anonymous 4 January at Man I would love to have the sheet music to some of the songs.


t.A.T.u. – Gomenasai (piano)

Belgium Ultratip Flanders [8]. Are your pants unbuttoned? Unauthorisied copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

Sun Apr 15, Tue Oct 30, 1: The place holder video of “Gomenasai”, in the form of Japanese animegomeasai released late February and early March in some countries. I’ve had a look and nothing much came up.

Retrieved January 10, I’m a beginner on piano and I’m still pretty sucky, but maybe I’d have a little more incentive to play if I were to have some tatu sheet music. Maybe it sounds better on the piano.

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