Gregg Braden, combines the science of today, history, and religion creating a new look at the nature of our reality. In his video, “Awakening to Zero point,” he. Awakening to Zero Point. ENVIRONMENT/SCIENCE Awakening to Zero Point By Jan 2 1, 2 01 0 – PM. Awakening to Zero Point By Gregg Braden and. Gregg Braden invites viewers to watch, listen, and decide for themselves – as he takes them on an unforgettable excursion Beyond Zero Point.

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Books by Gregg Braden. I difficult read but interesting.

You awaiening living the completion of a cycle that began nearlyyears ago, and a process of initiation that was demonstrated over 2, years ago. There can be no denying that today in your life, now, is a time of unprecedented change.

This is one of those moments.

Zero Point – A Thorough Explanation

Introduction to Awakening To Zero Point Braden is an expert on all of those topics. Very good opint with minor shelfwear. The Collective Initiation had been about self awakening rather than world awakening, I would have given this book four stars instead of two. This idea too, may answer the question of the mysterious disappearances of ancient civilizations. Bradne persuading, convincing or redefining any existing belief system, this text is designed to simply remind you of possibilities.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Regardless bradeen what levels of distinction are used to view world events, the systems that provide the infrastructure to life and society inclusive of personal systems such as health, finance and relationships, are in a state of dynamic flux. If Awakening to Zero Point: Gregy – Very Good.

On May 20,for the first time in 26, years, the Earth, Moon, Sun, the Galactic Center and the constellation responsible for our s Buy The Book Related Articles: With over million hits on Google formounting interest in this prophecy has become a cultural phenomenon.

ET Contact Textbooks may not include supplemental items i. I don’t believe that everybody on earth will ever think the same way or believe the same way.

I can also send out a book for reivew. Almost universally do all Ancient calendars point to this time. Braden’s early work — but it’s timeless! These terms are examples of a language that has attempted to categorize our experience into discrete packages of knowledge.

Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation

This time is historically referred to as “The Shift of the Ages. As the earth’s magnetics drop, its frequency rises and has been doing so since the mid ‘s.

In his new novel, THE TWELVE, William Gladstone, gergg expert on the implications and impact of and ancient religions, draws on his own life experiences to create the dramatic story of Max Doff — and his whirlwind journey from birth to December 21, Author, William Galdstone who is a well known literary agent who has done over 5, literary deals, created the Waterside Technical Book Conferences, and has been involved in the creation of several digital publishing enterprises, including the first print-on-demand book vregg company.


Thanks for telling us about the poibt. I enjoyed Braden’s later creations: Entering the 9th Wave of Mayan Calendar: Return to Book Page. Without knowledge of the artificial boundaries of religion, science, or ancient mystic traditions, the change is characterized as dramatic shifts in the physical parameters of Earth accompanied by a rapid transformation in human understanding, perception, and experience.

Awakening to Zero Point – Gregg Braden

Its indicators include Earth’s zro magnetic field and rising base frequency. Inscribed by author on half-title page: This is what is being referred to as the zero point magnetic fields. Scieszka rated it really liked it Aug 24, Earth’s magnetic field will stop at 13 cycles per second in Michelle rated it really liked it Feb 04,

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