describe Grundfos Conlift. Sections When installing the Conlift, observe the following: .. l/h. pH value of condensate. or higher. Density of condensate. The range contains two variants. The first is CONLIFT L – a basic version (Hmax= m, Qmax.= l/h). There is an additional level switch with a potential-free. Grundfos Conlift L is supplied in a cardboard box with the following contents: • Conlift L with built-in non-return valve. • supply cable with Schuko plug or free.

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Grundfos Conlift Condensate Pump

Contains a neutralizing unit. It contains a neutralizing unit which is recommended to use at a boiler output of over kW and pH below 2. Vonlift condensate is collected in the tank, which is automatically pumped out after reaching the switching level. A heat pump switch is also part of the pumping station, which shuts off the engine in case of overload.


After cooling to normal temperature, the engine starts again. Conlift is designed for up to 60 activations per hour. Grundfos Heating pumps Garden pumps Pumps accesories.

Heating pumps Garden pumps Pumps accesories. Submersible pumps for wells Domestic waterworks Sanitary pumps Submersible pumps for boreholes Drainage pumps Self-priming pumps Pressure switch units Water supply sets Booster pump sets Sewage and aggressive media pumps Solar pumps Rainwater utilisation.

Boiler pumps Electronic circulator pumps for heating Hot water circulator pumps.

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When changed Only in stock. Once 7 days 14 days 1 month 3 months 6 months. Send product by e-mail: More information This product is no longer availableas it has been replaced with a new model. View the new model. Suitable for Condensate boilers Air conditioning systems Cooling and freezing systems Dehumidification systems Evaporators Functions Drainage condensate is collected in the tank, which is automatically pumped out after reaching the switching level.


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