GTD & EVERNOTE FOR MAC l SETUP GUIDE. TABLE OF CONTENTS. FOCUS OF THIS GUIDE. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM THIS GUIDE. 1 Focus of. I’ve seen lots of implementations of GTD on Evernote over the years, but This setup is also heavily reliant on tags, which I was already using. How do you organise your life? What stresses you out about how you work now? • How do you prioritise your work? • How do you remember information and.

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How to Use Evernote for GTD®

When you use Shortcuts, you evetnote collapse your Notebook view to help minimize visual clutter. About the Author Writer Jill Duffy has been covering technology broadly since the early s and productivity in gtx since Second, if the content is in an email, you can forward the message into Evernote ; free Evernote members don’t get this option, although you can get around it by using Zapier to connect Evernote and email. In the previous step, you serup every potential project off your mind and onto a list, where you can view it objectively.

Similarly, you may be tempted to create Stacks for GTD contexts, such as having a stack for Home and one for Work, but before you do, read the section below on Saved Searches. This is why we want to use an external tool—not our brains.

Getting Started with GTD (Getting Things Done) Templates

Take the Work out of Workflow Zapier is the easiest way to automate powerful workflows with more than 1, apps. Visit our template gallery to browse pre-made templates you can add to your Evernote account.

From individual notes to Evernote Notebooks, Stacks, Tags, Saved Searches, and a few other features, you’ll be able to customize Evernote to see the most important btd at the right time.


Identify that as a Project. You create 43 folders that represent each month of the year 12 and each day of the month For starters, if the content is on a web page, as is the case with online news and magazine articles, you can clip it using Gudie web clipper. But to give a concrete example, in GTD you might have tags for:. Email me about new features. What kind of project could advance your career, or make your life more fun or interesting?

Saved Searches in Shortcuts get a magnifying glass icon whereas Notebook Shortcuts get a book icon. Name it so you can tame it. Its clarity is undeniably part of the appeal. Evernote also offers free GTD templates to use in its app, though they’re meant to help you prepare for specific projects and tasks, rather than carry out a GTD methodology.

It’s so flexible that you can even use it for GTD. Then you can move it to your Individual Project template.

Capture all the tasks you need to do by writing them down Decide for each task whether it’s actionable, important, something you can delegate, or something you can discard Ugide these tasks into lists Work on those tasks by priority called ggtd actions” in GTD Review your progress on acting on these tasks For more on what it entails, see our overview of the GTD method. Team is clear about what needs to be accomplished, and we identify next actions for every item on the agenda, by Monday, Feb.

gtx Old habits die hard, though, so if you’re committed to using a special character, don’t let anyone stop you. Feel free to mix and match them. If you’re already well established with GTD, you might also find these five hidden Evernote features useful in advancing your knowledge of the app.

Be deliberate and selective about evernoye number of Saved Searches you create. Instead, by stashing new notes into the Inbox, you’ll be sure to see them the next time you process your Inbox.


Reminders in Evernote support both date and time fields, and the app sends a notification at the appropriate time. Essentially, GTD is a five-step process in which you:.

Notes as tasks are also useful when you want to add a reminder to a task. Essentially, GTD is a five-step process in which you: Back pain is resolved and I can sleep through btd night without discomfort, by March 1, ] Plan team offsite agenda [Outcome: Make a Svernote for your Inbox Notebook and any others that you use regularly.

On the first of any month, all 31 day folders should be inside the appropriate month folder. Perhaps you call this note To Do Today, and you update it daily. Look around your office, home, car, or desk. But GTD asks us to adopt a much smaller definition for what qualifies as a Project: You can pile up tags into everrnote the same way you can group Notebooks into Stacks. Doing this weekly will help make the granular decisions evernoe the week much easier. A central tenet of GTD is that you should never feel the need to store something in your head when you can write it down.

Instead, you can use Shortcuts to order your favorite notebooks any way you want.

Evernote Setup Guide for GTD (PC or Mac) (PDF Only)

You can also take a photo or make a scan of physical reading material using your phone’s camera and save it to Evernote. You have a few options for getting reading and reference material into Evernote. They offer another solution, and while it may not be the one you end up using, you certainly want to explore your options.

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