Book Review. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht,. Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey. (Stanford University Press, ). With his book Production of. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht: Production of Presence. What Meaning cannot Convey User’s manual PRESENCE PRODUCTION MEANING METAPHYSICS A spatial. Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey. Author: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht. × (60×90/16) hard cover, pp., ISBN 5‑‑‑4 .

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Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey | Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

Suggested a greater acknowledgment f the nonsemantic, i. Putting aside the many precautions taken by Hans-Ulrich Gumbrecht to expound his position with nuance, one can bluntly summarize his main thesis in The Production of Presence as follows: Production of Presence is a passionate plea for a rethinking and a reshaping of the intellectual practice within gumbrceht humanities. As an Emeritus, Gumbrecht continues to write, participate in campus life, and meet with students.

But Ch 3 is worth a read. Penetrating things and Body contact, sexuality, aggression, destruction.

Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey – Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht – Google Books

The role of Dasein in Dasein is not like subjectivity. The materialities of communication. Well known for his independent thinking, Gumbrecht speaks out against the tendency in modern culture to abandon the possibility of approaching the world through presence.

In an other prudent move, Gumbrecht claims that he is only leading the humanities towards a nonhermeneutical future, but that, for a cruel lack of adequate concepts, he cannot yet know exactly how it will look like.

Thrift No preview available – Zsofi rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Typical to defer the moment of actual violence and thus transform violence into power.

On the Beauty of Team Sports”. In addition to his work on presence, materiality, and hermeneutics in the humanitiesGumbrecht’s main areas of research, teaching, and publishing include:.

In our eyes though, the definition of presence through epiphany is a weaker moment of the book. I enjoyed the opening segment where he laid out his own intellectual journey and I really appreciated the synopsis on the development of the hermeneutically-based epistemology that rules in gumbrecut humanities, but I Grumbrecht takes prouction through his own intellectual development–his embracing and then movement away from meaning production hermeneutics and his movement towards a more holistic model that engages with and privileges what Gumbrecht calls “aesthetic experience” or epiphany, or presence.

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Gumbrecht has also written on the spectatorship of sportusing ;resence and the history of athletics to present an analytical perspective on the precise ways sport is consumed and appreciated. Stanford University Press- Philosophy – pages. In a interview with Gumbrecht, Ulrik Ekman describes Gumbrecht’s work on presence as an “extremely intricate oscillation between a move, perhaps unavoidable, towards epistemological sense-making and conceptualization on the one gumbrechy, and, on the other, an at least formally opening move in the direction of ontological concerns.

The Production of Presence: What Meaning cannot convey

Lists with This Book. Karli rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Retrieved from ” https: Living on the Edge of Timewhich associates excitement and anticipation with the emergence of new and faster-paced activities, forms of entertainment, and ways of thinking. Epiphany refers to a moment pgoduction intensity or loss of control related to viewing presebce artistic work; presentification refers to immersing oneself in the past moment of the artwork’s production; deixis involves the “lived experience” of artistic work, rather than the imposition of meaning.

San Francisco State University, a nice combination of both, at times: Gumbrecht has written extensively on ” Stimmung “a German word also referencing the tuning of musical instruments, but more commonly meaning ” mood ” and as such used presemce Gumbrecht to indicate the mood or atmosphere of a particular era or artistic work. Events described range from boxing matches to bar conversations, and Gumbrecht profiles artistic greats and public figures alongside workers, farmers, and engineers to depict the emergence of new sensibilities that transcended boundaries of class, race, gender, or nation.


Dec 26, Michael Meeuwis rated gumbrecut really liked it.

Intellectual history Tabs Abstract In this book the Stanford University professor offers an original approach to the humanities, presnce a review of the theoretical achievements of the last thirty years with a forecast for future research. Marina Nabirkina rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Phenomenological Understandings of Space.

How come culture appears so natural?

An attitude that gives a higher value to the meaning of phenomena than to their material presence. It feels as if Gumbrecht has fallen prey to impulse male scholars have to “feminize” themselves and their disciplines, I’m ambivalent about Gumbrecht. True also, Gumbrecht points out that such aesthetic epiphanies as can be found in art but not onlydespite their insularity from everyday life, should be understood as giving rise to a general experience erleben — and can be thus said to be meaningful since they reveal the very nature of the things of the world.

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

Retrieved October 26, Over forty scholars of theory, philosophy, and literary studies who had worked with Gumbrecht attended the conference.

If we form an idea of what this thing may be in relation to use — we attenuate the impact this thing tumbrecht have on our bodies and our senses. The vertical dimension points to Being simply being peesence. Reflections by an old man pictured on cover on the limitations of language.

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Hans Ulrich ” Sepp ” Gumbrecht born ot a literary theorist whose work spans philologyphilosophy, literary and cultural history, and epistemologies of the everyday. Mariana rated it really liked it Mar 07,

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