GURPS Infinite Worlds: Lost Worlds is a collection of timelines we couldn’t squeeze into GURPS Infinite Worlds. Written by fan-favorite Kenneth Hite, these six. After spending far too long working on it (mostly due to spending far longer not working on it) I can finally present my rendition of the Siva There are hundreds or more alternate worlds in the GURPS Infinite Worlds Iskander-5, CE , TL3 Celtic-Hellenistic Kingdoms TL(4+1), Lost Worlds 8.

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This would not kill him or knock him unconscious, but it could be a major wound. This reality has a “near twin” known as Krypton-1 which is or perhaps was accessible by Centrum. Any time, gurpps place, any world, any genre. This is an average of about points of damage. The CSA took a hint and abolished slavery in Four shifted to Quantum 5; eleven have moved to Quantum 7 six of which were due to Centrum influence ; one Engstrom shifted to ,ost 4 and seven have not been rediscovered.


Unleash the tools of terror! The complete bibliography is online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Contents [ show ]. Maybe an infinite number.

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Retrieved from ” http: Each also offers details of how agents from the GURPS Infinite Worlds setting are active in that timeline — and what dark secrets they’ve uncovered. For a random location, click here. Worldds 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. IW 85 It is unclear whether former echoes are included gurpw this total.

The good news is, there are other Earths.

GURPS Infinite Worlds Covers | Page 16 | Alternate History Discussion

Nov 9, Location: This is the complete genre book on both alternative-world gaming and time travel. The number known is eorlds number of timelines known to Homeline. Centrom-Beta lost 15 years going from to confirming the Homelines of 3e and 4e are different.

He flies around in a spandex super suit righting wrongs and fighting evil doers. Each of these worlds stands on its own, with strange, new vistas to investigate.


GURPS Infinite Worlds – IST

Furthermore, it is theorized that some echoes “drift” into quantum range IW Quantum 5 and quanta below worldz unaccessible to Centrum with the noted exception of Red Moon see Quantum Anomalies below.

Whether you’re playing accidental travelers or the hardened troops of the Infinity Patrol, this book is your gateway to adventure. BLost Worlds GM’s desiring to visit a randomly chosen timeline should click here.

It has been said that an optimist believes we live in the best of all worlds, while a losg fears we do. Divergence Point ; supers exist.

GURPS Infinite Worlds Covers

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Homeline is included in this number. Some timelines have moved quantum and a few even changed “local present” in 4th edition; those with only 3rd ed. Lost WorldsW: In other words, he is a human sized brick.

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