Apr 28, Guthrie Govan – Shawn Lane style licks lesson. When you want to play altered jazz guitar lines over a dominant 7th chord, there is an easy and efficient good option which consists of playing a major triad. [MEDIA] “There will never be another Shawn Lane” Govan did a series of lessons on Shawn’s style in a UK guitar mag a fw years ago iirc.

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Guthrie Govan

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Shawn Lane – Lane’s Licks (by Guthrie Govan).pdf – [PDF Document]

Please add a detailed description to posts and titles. I’m a huge fan of Petrucci, Vai, Satch etc – but Guthrie just seems to take it to another level. What’s impressive to me about him and Paul Gilbert is their continued growth. Most people hit a plateau when they get the title of officially pretty good at guitar and quit making huge improvements in their ability, at least ones that are noticeable to anyone else.

After a long dhawn time you don’t get the same excitement you got from guitar and have to branch out to other instruments to keep getting the same high. Next thing you know sbawn 65 with a garage full of obscure African govann and casio keyboards I never figured out how to use.

It’s changing genres that I think is the key. Paul and Guthrie shawnn everything, and you shaw hear it on their recordings. Compare to the likes of Malmsteen and Satch, etc and you can see why they stagnate, they just play the same shit over and over.

One of the first pieces of advice you get learning guitar is that you don’t get good by playing stuff you already know how to. Also, I know both of them started looking elsewhere for inspiration and influence, specifically horn players and piano players I believe. I don’t think you’ve ever actually seen Govan play if you believe he’s just a shredder. It’s your typical Reddit “you disagreed with me, govxn you’re wrong no matter what, I’ll figure out how later”.


It’s just a little bit of butthurt, a little bit of shooting in the dark to try to insult this mystery guitarist’s style. When he says don’t shred be musical, he means don’t pane go through lame really fast. Think about how it sounds. He doesn’t mean “don’t play fast passages”. He means “don’t mindlessly fly through scales”. He also shows that blues guys etc should not play fast, use the phrasing and emotion, because playing fast for fasts sake is just stupid and he agrees, So many people just play fast and dont give their music a chance to breathe and come up for air.

It is what separates shredding from musicality. And thats exactly what he is saying. He also says not guthrir play fast over modes and scales, and that you can say more with 3 or 4 notes than you can by playing 20 fast.

So many people younger people ill admit just want to shred and play fast but they have zero musicality and phrasing. Wait, so you mean to tell me that you called him a shredder without actually having heard him?

In two out of the 22 ive watched in the last two guthireonly two werent totally guthrrie fast playing shredding. Those two were great IMO, bt the rest were just jazz prog metal shredding.

Understand i have nothing against him, and i wish i had a tenth of his playing ability. But it just doesnt work for me to just play phrases really realy fast when you dont have to. For example clapton is called mr slow hand, yet he lame speed up when he guthire to, and play extremely intricate phrases and licks, and doesnt just play super fast for the sake of it.

I get it, that is what Prog metal is. Which is funny because he covers that exactly in one of his videos when he tells people not to play fast just to be fast. Which i really liked.

But tastes differ all around. Do i think he is talented and a master? I just dont see the musicality in guthrke that way. Both have some fast finger movin’ but neither are primarily shredding songs. He has a lot of songs like this, they have speedy components but there style itself is not “shredding”. The best I can do in throwing him in a category that isn’t me making something up govah “Jazz-fusion Prog-rock”. Been a Satch fan since I was 5and he’s been stale for 2 decades and then some Guthrie on the other hand I was lucky enough to be at the Great Guitar Escape with both Paul and Guthrie, met them both and saw them play on the same stage.

They are both in their own league. They have transcended mere mortal players, Guthrie is so good he can actually play the exact notes to sound like shit if he wants to I’ve witnessed it myself. I learned a tremendous amount from both of them during that week. And got them to sign my guitar. In my mind, what separates Guthrie from the rest of the pack isn’t his technical ability there are faster guitarists, like Shawn Lane or Rusty Coolylessson his musicality.


His phrasing is impeccable govab always seems to resolve his changes in the best way possible the best examples of this are his solo on Uncle Skunk and the third solo of Sevens. In short, the fancy fingerwork is nice, and certainly among the best, but it’s his musical mind that sets govaj apart. Anyone can play fast, but to play fast passages and make them melodic is another issue entirely.

You can always find really fast players. But there is a musicality to Govan that most other players don’t seem to nail as fluently as Govan.

His mastery of melody and technique is quite, quite rare. I can see him being like Jeff Beck when he is Still improving and still pushing the envelope of what he can do on the guitar. It’s going to be fun watching him for a very long time. Govan is constantly on a search for a melody, all his monster techniques are just instruments in this search. You can get an improvised solo of his, slow it down, and find amazing melodies, from pretty much every style, from bebop to rock, simply incredible.

It’s also pretty damn hard to spot patterns in his playing, it’s all always so unique and non repeating. Finally, the way he can bend to ridiculously far notes and then bend down back playing melodies with one fret is frankly baffling. He is very technically strong, but that’s not why he is good, imo.

It’s that his musicianship is very high, and his creativity strong, and his phrasing strong and he is extremely technically proficient. That’s what makes him really good, imo. I think it has less to do with technical ability than comfort.

Rusty Cooley can do all sorts of technical stuff I’ll bet Guthrie can’t do. Tosin Abasi could do stuff neither could and Rusty could do stuff I bet Tosin couldn’t. Guthrie started when he was three though and I think he is more comfortable with every aspect of the guitar than anyone else. His mastery is in being able to make music out of any guitar situation not just relying on standard conditions.

If you watch some old footage, I think this is also what really set Eddie Van Halen apart back in the day.

Sure he was an unbelievable player but it was his relentless creativity and ability to handle weird problems on the spot while playing that was different.

EVH still has it going on and he might be in the best shape of his life now, hard to believe. If you watch the Jimmy Kimmel video where David Lee Roth busts his nose on the mic stand Eddie just goes right into a bit govxn guitar interlude like he breaks his nose every night.

Before the reunion with DLR he was drinking wine like a fish and doing meth.

The rebound he made was a miracle. He’s playing better now than he has gutgrie years. I wish I could say EVH was at his best ever, but he is really good, considering the lows he was hitting for a while there.

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