Results 1 – 30 of HAMBRE by HAMSUN, KNUT and a great selection of related books Hambre. Pan. Knut Hamsun. Published by Ed. Círculo de Amigos de. HAMBRE – PAN: Knut Hamsun From Spain to U.S.A. Destination, rates & speeds , Géneve, Ediciones Ferni, Los amigos de la historia, Clasicos. Buy Hambre 3 by Knut Hamsun, Kirsti Baggethun, Asunción Lorenzo Torres ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free .

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Geissler, the enigmatic manic-depressive who turns up from time to time, is the books most memorable character.

Books by Knut Hamsun (Author of Hunger)

Campbell Sports Center, en Nueva York. From the strange secti Despite the fact that this book won Hamsun a Nobel Prize in Literature, it is often Hamsun’s most misunderstood novel. It is wholly beautiful; it is saturated with wisdom knyt humor and tenderness. Whenever he presented me with a book, it had a ceremonious feel, as though he were laying a sword on my shoulder inducting me into an ancient brotherhood.

In terms of the larger knjt of the movement of ideas, we can see prefigured here in Hamsun’s relational narrative perspective Heidegger’s Dasein, and also ironically, considering Hamsun’s politicsBuber’s mutual emergence of I and Thou in relationship.

Singer, the Nobel laureate of Jewish heritage, a strong post-war proponent of the Yiddish literary tradition, vastly praised and defended Hamsun’s work as hamgre despite its author’s anti-Semitic views. The ending is beautifully written, if too romantic of the land for my tastes.

The relative dearth of description here left a void in my reading, wanting to know, as I did, just how she stands in this primal encounter with the pressure of the world, and what kind of dent she leaves behind through her daily activity.


Its perspectives, beyond a call for an ancient harmony between man and nature, of rural values, are surprisingly biting in some of the topics that still haunted the early 20th century: I wouldn’t have minded it nearly so much if Hamsun hadn’t been so smug about the misfortunes of his characters whenever they deviate from the superhuman farmer mentality.

As much as a reader may want to come before a book with an open mind, there are always at least three barriers to an unadulterated read. Expected proto-Nazi narrative propaganda.

And the people, didn’t they feel a certain weakness glide through them? Hamsun is not alone among moderns in his exploration, of course. As outras achei-as sempre iguais, ao longo dos anos e entre si.

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She gets on well with Isak, too well in fact as soon she has two boys. If you know me, you know what’s coming, and while I’d like to stop bothering myself over poor portrayal of women and other aspects correlating with my personal characteristics, it’s not going to happen any time soon.

Por fim, dois destaques: Isak, the hairy, physically ugly, illiterate peasant; his wife Inger, the hare-lipped Amazon with nice legs; the family they raised in the Norwegian wilderness; their mundane farm life?

He shows the land as being the true home and heart of a family, as the characters hamusn upon the land and live off the fruits of their blood and sweat. However, his later identification with fascist Germany may also find an explanation in the worship of the Nordic, the fear of foreign influences, the focus on protecting national identity rather than accepting a range of new perspectives.

Growth of the Soil

The other two are optional and vary depending on the book: The stained black wood exterior skin is characteristic of the great wooden stave Norse churches.


Neither is the story of Isak’s primordial poietic activity of shaping and subduing the land for human use, rendered as it is with so much insistent, loving detail, complemented by a more detailed story of Inger’s poieses. All they see and are is determined by it. But you can always find the truth if it comes from the earth.

Loved the steady tone, how the tense switches within paragraphs present tense for scenes, otherwise simple or continual past. The author later became a fascist reactionary – highly critical of this modern lifestyle. Plain — OK, ugly — he needs him a woman.

It is quite impressive how so little yet so much seems to transpire in this relatively short novel pgs in the Penguin Classics edition and the vast length of time that goes by. Feb 18, Josh rated it liked it Shelves: Apenas inut personagem – Geissler ” This is a jnut of survival but with a man who is so happy with his new found state. Mas posso espalhar a palavra por onde viajar.

The only source of problems, besides new mothers and women in general that is, was modernity and society. Goodreads helps you keep paan of books you want to read. Rich in symbolism, it continues to resonate with modern readers today. In this story, character and individual perspective are registered as merely a moment of partial illumination in a much larger continuity.

So where’s the something “rotting him from within” akin to the case of Elesus?

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