Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The compelling third volume (after Drive to the The Grapple (Settling Accounts) – Kindle edition by Harry Turtledove. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The Grapple (Del Rey, ) is the third book in the Settling Accounts quarter, and is the penultimate volume of the overall Southern Victory series. Plot The. A profoundly thoughtful masterpiece of alternate history.” –Booklist It is , the third summer of the new war between the Confederate.

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I am an absolute fan of Alternate History. Lists with Turtlledove Book. As is typical with Turtledove’s multivolume works, the structure of the novels that make up Settling Accounts is extremely formulaic.

I can’t say that this volume could even rate as speculative fiction since so little originality seems to have been incorporated.

The Grapple (Settling Accounts, #3) by Harry Turtledove

If he was even born in this timeline, he would be turtledoge with the Kaiser, not the Confederates. Nonetheless, the basic idea underlying the series remains compelling.

In this stunning retelling of World War II, Harry Turtledove has created a blockbuster saga that is thrilling, troubling, and utterly compelling.

The result is that this cycle’s denouement feels stretched out. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The level of research that went into these books must have been huge.

Should we read into it? That’s about the best I can say for this penultimate volume of Settling Accounts. The third book, The Grapplepicks up the story immediately after this turning point. Feb 11, Riley Feldmann rated it it was ok. The scales so tipped, the American-German alliance wins the war, crushing and humiliating the Confederates, British, and French.

What makes this series so good is just how damn plausible it is. In at the Deathreleased in Jun 26, Pages Buy. And I was disappointed that Turtledove The first half of the book, I was convinced that Turtledove was mailing it in, just trying to reach the destination he marked in with How Few Remain.


The first half of the book, I was convinced that Turtledove was mailing it in, just trying to reach the destination he marked in with How Few Remain. The compelling third volume after Drive to the East in Turtledove’s third alternate history of WWII series opens with the Confederacy reeling gurtledove the loss of their forces in the cauldron around Pittsburgh.

The Grapple (Settling Accounts, Book Three) by Harry Turtledove | : Books

In the Georgia countryside, Spartacus, a Black guerilla, continues to raid attacks with his band and the escaped P. The tide of war is changing, and victory seems within the grasp of the USA. In general, this book was another great read from Turtledove, and he continues to push forward his alternate version of WWII to its logical conclusion based on the course of previous events.

Refresh and try again. Harry, Harry, Harry; what happened to Canada? Both of the big deaths caught me a little off guard, as they were characters that had both made it through so much and I thought they might make it to the end of the series. Other books in the series. Clan of the Claw. Indeed, as the air, ground, and water burn with molten fury, new and demonic tools of killing are unleashed, and secret wars are unfolding.

Like other fascist parties, it commands widespread support not only because of its preaching of hatred and revenge but because of its promise of modernity in the Nazi case exemplified by the German autobahns. Jan 30, Tim rated it really liked it. President Jake Featherstone disrupt the rural economy. The third book in the Settling Accounts sequence takes the story tothe most violent year of an utterly different World War II.

Not surprisingly, the parts in which Turtledove focuses on this vision are the most strongly imagined in the series, much more so than his usually perfunctory treatment of the war, which so often comes across as Tom Clancyesque military procedural with the novelty of vintage weaponry.


Fighting in Sequoyah appears to be back-and-forth, with both sides sabotaging the oil wells there. It’s very rewarding to see some of the characters that have been around for 9 novels harrg start to show success on a greater scale as they advance in their careers, such as Generals Morrel and Dowling, and Lt. June 17, at 1: The Breath of God.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. You’ve successfully reported this review. His POVs were a little repetitive and boring at times, but I really thought he would have gone turtledovf fighting instead of in a gas chamber.

More By and About This Author.

The Grapple

You can find him online at his blog, Turtledobe, and email him here. Such a myriad of actors gives the world a certain level of life, and presents a chance for Turtledove to unfold a rich story before our eyes. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Confederate tobacco is much superior than the crap the USA produces.

Graplpe book was released in the United Kingdom on October 5, As American forces drive into the heart of the CSA, the Confederacy’s darkest secrets are just beginning to be revealed. However, the cohesion highlights how short The Grapple is on major plot developments. For the history tutrledove out there, this is a good read, but I would recommend reading the other books in the story first. But this is not the end of the issue: The World According to Anna.

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