HYDROTEST PROCEDURE OF HEAT EXCHANGER AT SITE. Can anyone please point me to a source for determining the correct procedure for hydrotesting the various types of heat exchangers? Thanks. ASME Pressure vessel/ Heat Exchanger Hydrostatic test (for Internal Another method to find out the minimum test pressure is using the MAP.

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If no leakages observed test to be considered satisfactory. This practice satisfies the TEMA requirement that leaks at the tube joints can be detected at least from one side.

For tubes welded to the tubesheet and subsequently expanded, the prudence suggests that in addition to such leak testing the welds should be fluid penetrant examined.


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It is necessary to understand the service of the exchanger and the degree of hazard such leakage presents. If there is pressure drop ,then investigate for the reason ason else reduce the pressure to corresponding design pressure for tube side and check for leakage.

Download Now Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project procedurw. Hydrotest Procedure Ball Valve.


I do not need to research the test pressures, just the methodology. Hydrofest share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Heat Exchanger Hydrotesting Procedures The hezt test is not a hydrotest, with the hydrotest you evaluate the structural integrity, with the air test you localize problems.

  A06B 6059 H206 PDF

Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework. Also Check whether water coming out of bottom nozzle of shell.

The TEMA Standards require testing the shell and tube sides separately in such a manner that leaks at the tube joints can be detected at least from one side. Typical procurement exchznger for high-pressure feedwater heaters require 10 cycles of bringing the channel to the hydrostatic test excbanger followed by dropping the pressure to atmospheric for each cycle.

Fill up the tube side with water and see that proper venting is done and there is no trapped air. The Code is a pressure containment safety code and the hydrostatic test represents only a test adequate for the typical heat exchanger not in a specific service where leakage is an issue.

Hydrotest medium for CS exchanger should not have chloride content more then 25 ppm. Remember me Forgot password? The air test is not a hydrotest, with the hydrotest you evaluate the structural integrity, with the air test you localize problems.

If so then there maybe leakage through tube to tubesheet joint. What constitutes a suitable leak test if the standard Code hydrostatic test cannot disclose very small leaks weeping? This is particularly pertinent for heat exchangers in lethal service because literal interpretation of the waiver would preclude using fixed tubesheet exchangers for lethal service applications. If no leaks observed raise the pressure to corresponding Test Pressure of tube side as per approved equipment drawing.



See Table 1 for typical test pressures and pressure gage graduations. Heat Exchanger Hydrotesting Procedures We have done already two turnarounds and we excbanger know which heatexchangers give trouble. It demonstrates that relying on gage indication of pressure loss to assess leaks weeping that would not be visible during hydrostatic testing does not indicate whether there are such small leaks.

Designers, Users, and Manufacturers should agree on the definition of joint type and to the nondestructive Tests NDT for all welded joints.

Connect the pressure gauges to the top nozzle blind flange. Heat Exchanger Hydrotesting Procedures As far as I know that the hydrotest by air is safety concern and water is usually used. hyrdotest


Leak rates vary inversely with fluid viscosity. Register now while it’s still free! Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical engineering professional community. When determining whether to require the Manufacturer to perform leak tests. The test pressure shall be held for at least 30 minutes.

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