I bought this book because of what Ive read from reviews Im glad I did! Heisig teaches you the drawing of Japanese Kanji in a “real world” atmosphere. James W. Heisig – Remembering the Kanji 1. In the book these kanji are taught using stories. These kanji are learned the fastest if you read the book as well. Remembering the Kanji 1: A Complete Course on How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Japanese Characters. James W. Heisig. About the Book.

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Funny how people quarrel about insignificant trifles! Language is a system of four subsystems: I can assure you that my way of learning languages kanji included has nothing to do with rote memorization.

Maybe I misheard though.

Between the different editions of volume 1, there are mostly the addition of a few characters, and some changes to what rememberinb of the mnemonic keywords are. I saw my classmates get ahead of me in terms of being able rrmembering read out loud knowing the pronunciations but I began to surpass them in reading comprehension since I started to know all the meanings.

When you read a book and you come across Kanji you don’t know IE.


March 30, at 1: This is silly, as in order for this to be true, the book would actually have to have some property that prevents you from further study. Even so, with only 1 or 2 exceptions I already knew all the primitives meaning I could create a story on the spot for my new kanji if I so rememberlng. A very humble—I mean it—question. But I guess a teacher would teach that?

Remembering the Kanji and Remembering the Hanzi – Wikipedia

Based on what I’ve read in the past: For each Chinese reading of a kanji, an example compound word is given. Basically I am learning Kanji, hanzi and pinyin at the same time. This can be a daunting task to contemplate, and this is only for the worse since as far as I know, this system will not be effective if it is interrupted. January 17, at 9: Advertising Register to hide. March 30, at For sex-related stories, I know it is what Kanji Damage specializes in, hhe isn’t that based off RTK anyway breaking Kanji into radicals?

In fact, the phonetic markers are unhelpful or useless for a large portion: Hi Hinnerk, excellent question!

“Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji sucks” – Other Kanji Learning Methods?

There is a fantastic new resource that came out this year Subscribe to this thread View a Printable Version. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


In my opinion, the RTK books are my most important tools for studying Japanese. The advantage is that you see Kanji in its natural habitat and in remejbering. Shouldn’t you actually finish RTK, or whatever the method is that you came up with, before you deem it a better method?

Review: Remembering the Kanji, volume 1, by James W Heisig

Sorry for my survival English. It should be noted that a large number of those who have remeembering gone through the book within an acceptable time frame and are happy with the result are people who already had a lot of Japanese study under their belt, which would have sped things up for them.

August 31, at 4: Home About Japanese Font Test. In the long term, you forget the story and simply remember the Kanji itself. Additionally, this kqnji comes with a condition: The end goal is to think in Japanese. January 20, at

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