Hemidactylus brooki Schwartz & Henderson, Synonym. Hemidactylus brooki var. togoensis Werner Synonym. Hemidactylus brookii Boulenger Hemidactylus brookii, commonly known as Brooke’s house gecko, is a widespread species of gecko. (Source: Wikipedia. Photo: (c) Hari, some rights reserved. Meet the Common House-Gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus) in our Reptiles of Ecuador book. See it in pictures, in distribution maps, and learn how to recognize it.

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Hemidactylus brooki

A hemidactyuls herpetofaunal survey in Andhra Pradesh resulted in many noteworthy findings. Malayan Nature Journal 61 4: Accessed December 14, at file: They are less abundant in forest habitats that have complicated topographic structures. Hemidactylus frenatus is a sexually producing, oviparous species.

Die Vielfalt der Geckos [Sri Lankas]. Journal of Herpetology 35 4: Three little known reptile species from the Araku Valley, Eastern Ghats with notes on their distributi Hemidactylus parvimaculatus Sri Lankan spotted house gecko. While ADW staff and contributors provide references to books and websites that we believe are reputable, we cannot necessarily endorse the contents of references beyond our control.

Hemidactylus brookii

The widow spider genus Latrodectus Walckenaer,in India is represented by three species L. Taxonomic clarity of Indian lizards as a basis for inclusion in checklists: Nearctic living in the Nearctic biogeographic province, the northern part of the New Bdooki. Herpetological Review 31 4: A dark streak on the side of head, passing through eye.


Limbs granular, the upper part of the hind limb with large keeled tubercles; digits free, dilated, the free distal joint long, lamellae under the inner, under the median toes.

Another characteristic of these geckos are their enlarged claws and adhesive toe pads. The gecko probably arrived with hemidaxtylus goods and established itself in the area. Eight to ten upper and seven to nine lower labials; mental large, triangular; two or three pair of chin-shields, median forming – a suture. Eggs must incubate at a minimum of 28 degrees Celcius in order for development to occur. Rocky Plateau sites profiles Desc: Gekkonidae from Andhra Pradesh, India. The current map showing distribution of species is only indicative.

Hemidactylus neotropicalis Shreve, Original description in Amarasinghe et al. Reviews Of Progress 3 Rashtrapati Bhavan Estates is a large semi-natural area comprising significant patches of secondary Hemidactylus brookii Boulenger Hemidactylus frenatusalso known as the Common or Asian Broiki Gecko, is native to Southeast Asia, but is found worldwide due to human introduction. A checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Honduras, with additions, comments on taxonomy, some recent taxonomic decisions, and areas of further studies needed.


Re-examination of Hemidactylus tenkatei van Lidth de Jeude, Hemidactylus brookiicommonly known as Brooke’s house gecko or spotted house geckois a widespread species of gecko. The original descriptions and figures of Sri Lankan gekkonid lizards Squamata: In urban areas and other human populated locations, H. Find more photos by Google images search: They also sometimes appear to be hemidacylus.

India Biodiversity Portal

Asian Herpetological Research 2 4: Hemidactylus frenatus is oviparous, but unlike most reptilian species, brookk eggs are round and hard-shelled, which makes them more resistant to moisture and increases their chances of survival when moved around. Jeannel en Afrique Orientale On two little-known terrestrial South Asian geckoes Hemidactylus reticulatus and Hemidactylus scabrice A member of the H. Very quick and agile in movement. Journal of Threatened Taxa 2 2: Gekkonidae in the Zoological MuseumBerlin.

Contribution to the knowledge of the Gambian herpetofauna.

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