The Herrick Payoff Index is designed to show the amount of money flowing into or out of a futures contract. The Index uses open interest during. The Herrick Payoff Index (HPI) was authored by John Herrick. The HPI is used to analyze futures and commodities. One input parameter called value of one. What is Herrick Payoff Index? This is a commodity trading tool, useful for the early spotting of changes in price trend direction.

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As noted on the weekly chart, the correction was sharp, but quite brief, which is typical of bull market corrections. In part, this is because the continuous gold futures contract is not trending very much, and has the typical spiky “EKG-look” of other volatile commodities.

Caution Signs for Investors 7 hours ago. The contract for gold continuous futures appears on the imdex to be much harder to interpret from a Herrick ;ayoff Index perspective. Noting the year period leading up to the s was one in which real assets tended to outperform financial assets, many have looked to real assets – gold, commodities, real estate – in search of the next secular bull market.

Volume Accumulation Percentage Indicator volume. The first market I would like to take a look at is crude oil, as it has become a focal point for payofr markets over the past few years with the price of crude now often reported on the nightly news.

Trading Techniques – The Herrick Payoff Index

The formula is quite complex see below and to my knowledge is currently only available in MetaStock software. TAC Bolsa 7 months ago. What is Three Inside Down: While the silver futures contract made higher highs in mid-February, early March and early April following the January declines, the HPI was moving steadily lower.


Yes, precious metal futures. Park Avenue Consulting daytradespy. If a bearish divergence between the futures and the Herrick Payoff Index meant that the advance of silver was due for a correction, then what can be said of the divergence between the HPI and the continuous platinum contract?

When the Herrick Payoff Index is above zero, it shows that money is flowing into the futures contract which is bullish.

The HPI did confirm the new highs as indicated by line C and, therefore, when the HPI dropped below its WMA in mid-January point 4 the earlier weekly confirmation of the highs suggested that this was only a correction within an uptrend. Like the silver futures, platinum futures moved more or less in tandem with their Herrick Payoff Hegrick indicator: Como puedo descargar algunos indicadores de esta pagina?

What is Upside Tasuki Gap: What is Bullish Meeting Lines: Even though pzyoff oil prices made a higher high at High 2, volume and open interest changes did not match those price increases on the second high.

What is Kicking pattern: This bearish divergence between silver futures and the HPI anticipated payocf 35 cent reversal. Notable signs of deterioration have developed in the current situation. What is Ladder Bottom: What is Three Stars in the South: Nicolas I think that it could work if you remove “style histogram ” from the last line of the code.

TAC Bolsa 4 months ago. There are other wrinkles for the two other common situations: Over the years, he has applied his methodologies not only to the stock and commodity payovf but also the global markets, mutual funds, and foreign exchange.


After a three-day pullback, crude made another new high point 4but the daily HPI failed to confirm this price high. The zero line crossover inxex the bullish price action. Dogs of the Dow.

From the start, you should note that the HPI is above the zero line for the entire period though it did drop towards the zero line in January Personally, I never settled the debate for myself, as after using both indicators for several years, I concluded that both were equally valuable.

The Payoff Index frequently helps distinguish between a rally in a trend that is destined to continue and a significant trend change that will provide a worthwhile trading opportunity. You can also check our ” privacy policy ” page for more information.

Herrick Payoff Index: What is Herrick Payoff Index? Technicals Glossary, Meaning, Definition

The Payoff Index is best used to distinguish trends that are destined to continue from those that will most likely be short-lived. Nicolas 11 months ago. For example, a multiplying factor of ten produces results similar to a period moving average.

What payof Homing Pigeon: By September 7, the HPI had surpassed the prior highs payogf was acting stronger than prices. The price chart shows the completion of the continuation pattern on November 6 line 1. What is Bullish Separating Line: There are also generally accepted relationships between the price trend and the trend of open interest.

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