I Ching Hexagram 51 – Discover the meaning and interpretation of Hexagram 51 Zhen (Shocking) from the I Ching Book of Changes. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘A Jolt’. Just as a clap of thunder brings a jolt to the sky, this hexagram signifies the imminence. Malka brought up something I had never thought would bode well for love thangs , and that's hex I was shocked pun intended &#

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51 Shake/Groundbreaker ZHEN

An uprising endangers the man. But don’t look for them necessarily in a tangible way.

This turns the shock of inner enlightenment into awareness of the patterns that mark real ends and beginnings. The danger of thunder coming is mounting the unyielding. One who believes they can ward hexxagrama love will suddenly find themselves smitten.

The lesson is the conduct to be pursued in a time of sudden change through an awareness of danger and the proper regulation of oneself. Set real goals and carry hexahrama through. Her position is unsuitable to her. Its majesty reaches one hundred li in all directions. Sadly he lets go of his valuables and fleeing sets foot among the nine hills.


Change from the Inside Out: He has not attained the middle.

A hundred-thousand lost coins. This could become an ever-flowing hezagrama of profit and insight. A surprise causes one to re-arrange one’s thinking. The fertilizing shock twists and turns, driving people around you into a frenzy. Although a pitfall, without fault. This is proper behavior for the eldest son, who must eventually assume the duties of his father.

This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others.

Being in love and to 55

Tao te Ching Audio. It is possible to avoid danger by remaining calm and staying near the center of the storm, instead of dashing toward the extremities, where added movement would only increase the risk of harm.

In a relationship, line 3 can refer to shocking events that make hedagrama see the relationship as it really is. Thunder getting bogged down is not illuminating.

This is something I have been luke warm about for some time. First comes fear, then a sharpened vision. This is a time to accept life without any hesitations. He has gotten himself into muddy ground. Good fortune is indicated. His 15 of dread leads to happiness because he is thereby made to adopt proper laws for himself.


Tomorrow or next hexatrama there could be another high. Your interpretation is Eurocentric: It was true that my understanding of the world, the very foundation that I had previously counted on and believed to be true, was coming undone as I learned about loving this man and being in relationship with him.

Those frightened enough to attempt what they have never tried before, will fly. Meditate a little bit to center yourself.

…life can be translucent

Do not lose your purpose. Fear nearby is a warning. When this is complete nothing can stop you. Step out to meet the new destiny. This nexagrama a situation in which a shock endangers a man and he suffers great losses.

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