Hi ghPs i oni c s. Soulknives. Ph i l i pJ. Le c o, I I. Creating a mind blade is the core of the soulknife, and with it, she is a deadly In high psionics games, for this special case, each indicated level of the prestige. Wield the true power of a mind blade with this new supplement for d20 psionics! Included in the pages of High Psionics: Soulknives are 4 variant soulknives.

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That may just be me. Speaking of balance-concerns — there is one feat that represents this more than pretty much any other feat I have seen in a long time: Pslonics was also wondering if the Natural Blade trait counts you as a higher-level character for the purposes of qualifying for one.

Grittier games, though, will run into trouble when employing this pdf, and understanding the power of several feats herein, their combo-potential AND requiring the GM to hand-select them, imposes a strain on that makes this a 3 star-file, in spite of its quality, for such groups.

Do they make gifted blade warsoul legal? My Homebrew PF, 3. Tuesday, 4th March, If the soulknife forms her mind blade into two weapons, she may imbue each mind blade with psychic strike as normal. This penalty does not apply when using the Mind Shield blade skill.

Dreamscarred Press – High Psionics – Soulknives.pdf

To do so, she must first spend 8 hours in concentration. Where the second installment sported some options that I considered to be problematic, the ones herein work in the context of both relatively gritty and high-powered gameplay. The soulknife may change the damage type of an existing mind blade, or may summon a new mind blade with a different damage type, as a full-round action; otherwise, the mind blade retains the last damage type chosen every time it is summoned.


Soulknife Perhaps I’ll ditch the concept of it advancing pzionics soul at all with the mind blade – things get much hairier with it that way I think.

High Psionics: Soulknives

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, I was working on one for a while in House Rules but finally kinda gave up. The PrC treats its level as soulknife levels for the purpose of blade skills etc. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Psychic Warrior and Psionics Augmented: At 1st level, the PrC may augment strikes by spending power points to apply augments, up to class level ones.

A character can take more than one archetype and garner additional alternate class features, but none of the alternate class features can replace or alter the same class feature from the core class as another alternate class feature.

Friday, 27th July, As a wielder of a weapon first and foremost, the soulknife excels as a front-line combatant on the battlefield.

Warehouse 23 – High Psionics: Soulknives

Now that Ghost Step is a short range teleport at the start and later scales up souoknives, does it still need to require level 6, or would allowing it to lower-level classes make it too dip-friendly? Soulknife As written, levels that progress mind blade progress initiating. Ashen Blade does’t seem to ahve any language advancing it’s mind blade, is this intentional? Originally Soulonives by Nyaa. Soulknife I don’t think Metaforge advances Initiator’s Soul any more than any other class, i.

On an unsuccessful attempt, the mind blade vanishes.

All PrCs herein cover the full 10 standard levels of PrCs. Originally Posted by Extra Anchovies. A character woulknives takes an alternate class feature does not count as having the class feature that was replaced when meeting any requirements or prerequisites. Once a soulknife has prepared her blade for a psychic strike, it holds the extra energy until it is used whether the attack is successful or not.


Originally Posted by ErrantX.

All psioniccs have some knowledge of soulknvies to throw their mind blades, though the range increment varies by form and the largest of blade forms cannot be thrown. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Versatile and varied, the soulknife can be found in all shapes and sizes, wielding blades unique to the wielder and customized to fit the needs of the soulknife. The maximum of 1 charge per collective, however, does retain balance for the ability.

A mind blade is considered a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and is considered a masterwork weapon. She can also choose her mind blade for feats requiring a specific weapon choice, such as Weapon Focus and Improved Critical.

Awesome bookwith some OP feats

Such games may consider this well-worth and 5 stars. The improved blade collective ability has some sort of ccp hiccup: You can directly support Dreamscarred Press here on patreon!

Finally, skin of the blade is a psychoactive skin containing Psychokinetic Armor, which can be enhanced as though the soulknife had Enhanced Mind Armaments. These allow for the lending of mind armors or shields, swapping places with allies and charge the collective with his psychic strike, allowing allies to use the psychic strike charge as part of a free action. Soulknife levels and ashen blade levels stack jigh enhancements.

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