Hikayat Robbi Bin Ahmad. Uploaded by. Robbi Bin Ahmad. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. JMBRAS, VOL. 84, Part 2 (), pp. 45–65 The Hikayat Patani: The Kingdom of Patani in the Malay and Thai Political World1 NATHAN PORATH This paper. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Hikayat Patani the Story of Patani | The stimulus for the joint venture of which the present book is the visible result was.

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Top Blog at WordPress. It would be reasonable to suggest that when the kings of the inland dynasty moved their capital to the coastal spot, which they called Patani, they may have consolidated their power over Sai and consoled the Raja of Sai by making his office that of the bendahara or the datuk besar prime minister of the new kingdom.

He also took the state cannon with him. The Mimetic Model The pre-modern Southeast Asian state formation was one of various kings and lords and their city-centres held together in a hierarchical system of mimetic power in which each vied for cosmic superiority. Superiority and the Fracturing of Resemblances Since the hikayat tells us that the origin of the ruling house of Patani came from an inland kingdom centre, Kota Maligai, and created its capital on the coast, archaeological evidence seems to corroborate the existence of an important inland settlement in Yarang, which is upriver and inland from present-day Patani.

The story of Patani, by A. He even invited him to stay in the palace compound and offered the sultan the hand of a princess in marriage; the sultan politely declined the offer. Following a description of an attack on Patani by Palembang,54 the hikayat describes the restoration of relations with Ayutthaya.

latani This can be compared to the affirmation of mimetic similarities found in a text such as Tuhfat al Nafis The Precious Gift where the nuances of mimetic difference and similarities are questioned through concepts of hybridity and authenticity within the Malacca kingdomhood complex. This king and his entourage were on a mission to Ayutthaya.


Hikayat Patani. The story of Patani

According to the hikayat, Raja Ungu had a daughter, Raja Kuning, who at the age of twelve was given in marriage to a nobleman from Ligor, the southern province, which represented Patani. One night, for no apparent reason, the sultan 43 Baker et al. It does seem to speak of Langka- suka and Sai as well as Kelantan as separate political entities. Ambassadorial Missions for Peace On his return, Raja Manzur Syah succeeded his brother on the throne and became the new sultan of Patani.

In King Prasat Thong himself headed an army to attack Lampang, one of the petty kingdoms that had stopped paying tribute to him. Once again, the stories concentrate on the deeds of the rulers of Patani, though this section is filled with the succession conflict and declining economic realities evident in the region after patain Nurul Afiqah marked it as to-read Jun 20, Instead, the hikayat seems to present Ayutthaya as an amoral and somewhat distantly respected kingdom.

Collected Articles, Chiang Mai: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The small kingdom of Hiakyat stopped sending its tribute.

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Hikayat Patani by Siti Hawa binti Saleh

Open Preview See a Problem? But, to be able to confer this honour one had to have a royal pedigree oneself.

Farhan Rosyid added it Apr 29, Also in Prasat Thong sent an ambassador to re-establish the relationship between Ayutthaya and Patani. Many changes had occurred in the Southeast Asian kingdom world. On hearing this, the nobility of Patani report to the Patani queen. Ayutthaya had managed to release itself from Burma hijayat regain its previous glory.

Instead, through mimetic speech speaking in the name of the sultan himselfthe composer is clearly affirming friendship and alliance with Ayut- thaya. The description of the mission of Wan 54 Ibid.: He tells us that King Cakkraphat and his son Prince Mahin were seen by all as weak hioayat who were on the verge of losing Ayutthaya to the Burmese.


Refresh and try again. University of Malaya Press. Grandis W added it Bikayat 28, Further, all the evidence suggests that during this period Malacca was a threat to Patani, which even aided Ayutthaya in an attack on Malacca.

Hikayat Patani. The story of Patani, by A. Teeuw [and] D. K. Wyat | Patani Conflicts

Stories of the Inland Dynasty The first section, which includes pages 1—74 of the manuscript, details events during the reign of the Inland Dynasty, which ruled Pattani from foundation, as early as the midth century, until its fall in the 17th century.

This image was preserved in the Ayutthaya chronicles. Further, the founding king and his children all have Thai titles before they convert to Islam. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rara Nollanzac payne marked it as to-read Mar 14, Putri Wijayanti marked it as to-read Nov 07, The important element of the conversion story is what it represents and how the conversion was reconstructed in cultural memory.

This page was last edited on 16 Marchat Until further evidence is available we must simply admit that we do not really know when the Buddhist kingdom of Patani officially converted to Islam and stop regurgitating the year Bradley reminds us that Malay hikayats were composed by court scribes for reasons of political legitimation.

The trickster-type portrayals of the sultan’s activities against Ayutthaya textually mirror the very power that these royals gained through their mimetic relationship with this alter-ego kingdom.

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