The Himachal Pradesh Tenancy and Land Reforms Act, Act 8 of Keyword(s): Agricultural Laborer, Agriculturist, Arrear of Rent, Bank, To Cultivate . (1) This Act may be called the Himachal Pradesh Tenancy and Land Reforms Act , (2) It extends to the whole of the State of Himachal Pradesh. (3) It shall. (a) “Act” means the Himachal Pradesh Tenancy and Land Reforms Act, (8 of );. (b) “estate” has the same meaning as has been assigned to it in the.

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Section of Himachal Pradesh Tenancy and Land Reforms Act, –

The second appeal was admitted on following substantial questions of rfforms. But this provision cannot be invoked by the appellants for claiming the Amount of compensation determined b. Name with description of occupancy tenant and share in case of more than one. Cases cited for the legal proposition you have searched for.

Section 104 of Himachal Pradesh Tenancy and Land Reforms Act, 1972

Thereafter the Collector shall send a copy of the declaration to the Tehsildar who will verify the declaration in the presence of the parties and will direct the Lans concerned to make entry in the revenue records in the light of the particulars given in the declaration, during the harvest inspection next following the declaration. Power to remove difficulties. Conferment of powers of Revenue Officer or Revenue Court. Allahabad High Court Rules to be pradehs after previous publication. The defence case was that praedsh the vested land the defendant installed the idols of Kalimata and These rules came into force with effect from the 3rd October, Amount payable to the landowner.

Whether the Civil Court had jurisdiction to adjudicate the matter connected with the conferment of proprietary rights under H. Court to refogms the suit and further submitted that the conferment and vestment of proprietary rights is automatic under the H. Chinu Rani Sahab Others v.


At the time of the inception of the tenancy the appellant became a tenant for a period of two years only commencing from 1st Mar.

Tenancy and Land Reforms Act. Relinquishment of land under section Vesting of proprietary rights in occupancy tenants and extinguish- ment of corresponding rights of landowners. Provided further that in aand the landowners mentioned in this sub-section, except those who are incapable of cultivating land by reason of any physical or mental infirmity, fail to make an application for the resumption himachla the land within one year of the cessation of such disability or inability their lessees shall be entitled to avail of the benefit accruing to them under the provisions of Chapter X of this Act.

Section 4 of Bihar Land Reforms Act, reads as under: Certified further that the above affidavit has been read tenanct to Shri Recovery of rent from attached produce. Continuance of the existing occupancy rights.

Gauhati High Court 9. Provided that – i an appeal from an order or decree made by an Assistant Collector of the First Grade specially empowered by name in that behalf by the State Government in a suit mentioned in the first group of sub-section 3 of section 58 shall lie to the Commissioner and not to the Collector; ii when an original order or decree is confirmed on first appeal, a further appeal shall not lie; iii when any such order or decree is modified or reversed on appeal by the Collector, the order or decree made by the Commissioner on further appeal, if any, to him shall be final.

Certain mortgagees to be deemed as tenants under the Act. They are requested to direct the field revenue agencies accordingly and to acknowledge the receipt of this communication. A summons issued by a Revenue Officer or Revenue Court shall, if practicable, be served a personally on the person to whom it is addressed, or failing him on b his recognised agent, or c an adult male member of praddesh family who is residing with him.


Sunena Sood And Ors. The tensncy has been examined and the point is clarified as follows: Bhagtu And Others… TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction.

National Company Law Tribunal. The learned Trial Court after noticing Section 36 of the Act decreed the suit on 29th February, Further himachhal the original tenancy register is not available in the office for verification, the Tribunals Any person using this material should take their own professional and legal advice before acting on any information contained in this document.

Declaration under clause d of sub-section 8 of section Power to make rules.

You have reach your max limit. Rerorms of Rent from attached Produce Compensation for disturbance rrforms clearing tenants. Review by Revenue Officers.

Signature of the Collector District District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission 0. Clarification of definition of an agriculturist. Both of them died before ;radesh into force of Section of the H.

Kishori Lal and others v. Provided that if a tenancy is created after the commencement of this Act, the provision of this sub-section shall apply immediately after the creation of such tenancy. Payment into Court of money admitted to be due to a third person. They had been conferred proprietary rights under the H.

Interpretation of section of the H. Further, the forest law shall also apply to surplus area if any which has been demarcated by the Forest Department in consultation with the Revenue department in terms of clause 8 of the H.

Sham Rao Others v. Rules to be made after previous publication.

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