HUL Annual Report – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. This PDF version of the Unilever Annual Report and Accounts is an ,, shares in Hindustan Unilever Limited (representing. This PDF version of the Unilever Annual Report and Accounts is an exact copy* of the Report of the Directors About Unilever CEO Hindustan Unilever Limited; During 13 employees were employed by NV, of whom

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He is a Member of the – Disclosures annuaal respect to the remuneration of Directors and employees as required under Section of the Act and Rule 5 1 Companies Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel Rules, Rules have been appended as Annexure to this report.

The Company has set up a Risk Management Committee to monitor the risks and their mitigating actions and reoort key risks are also discussed at the Audit Committee.

Year-on-year reduction of water usage continues to be a key priority for your Company. Kolkata wherein 31 more cases were resolved to the satisfaction Address for Correspondence of the parties to the dispute. However, it is expected that the global growth should stabilize in future. Log In Sign Up.

Use of estimates The accounting policies adopted for segment reporting are in The preparation of the financial statements in conformity with conformity with the accounting policies adopted for the Group.

We built further on our saving. Upside forming part of this Annual Report refer page hinsustan. Your Company is also investing in building capabilities Financial Services organisations, rdport. Independent in terms of Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement. Accordingly, the provisions of Clause 4 xx are not applicable to the Company.

Hindustan Unilever Directors Report | Hindustan Unilever Director Details – The Economic Times

NOPAT thus represents the total pool of profits available in excess of the cost of capital employed in the business. Goods and Services Tax GST is a landmark reform which will have a lasting impact on the economy and on businesses. Significant audit observations and follow up actions thereon are reported to the Audit Committee.


The common mobility solution has also been upgraded. We leveraged advanced measured as Consumer Relevant Quality overheads reduced further. This scheme provided for conditional grant of Performance Shares at nominal value to eligible management employees as determined by the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors from time to time, at the end of 3-year performance period.

In Frozen later than the financial year ending 31st Marchi. Your Company is enjoying the benefits of an increasing stream of new products and innovations, backed by technology and know-how from Unilever, such as those mentioned below. As part of Unilever Sustainable Living Plan USLPyour Company strives to grow the business whilst reducing environmental footprint and increasing positive social impact. In this forum, performances of specific safety and environment related sub-committees, each of which is led by a Managing Committee MC member, are reviewed.

During the year, your Company completed the acquisition of Indulekha Hair oil. We would be grateful, if you could spare your valuable time to fill the questionnaire given below and send it back to us at the Registered Office address mentioned above.

However, as directed agricultural growth could return to trend levels while the outlook by the said circular, the financial data of the subsidiaries have for industrial activity remains subdued. Sawant Marg, Plot No.

Your Company, with its brands, talent and investment in capabilities, is well placed to leverage this opportunity. Packaged Foods During the year, input costs put significant pressure on Kissan, which continues to remain one of the most trusted profitability. It continues to focus on progressive employee relations policies, creating an inclusive work culture and a strong talent hjndustan.

Accordingly, the relevant notes in these financial statements. Our renewable energy farmers, 1, acres, 28, Metric Tonnes of tomatoes. Aditya Narayan, business needs.

Hindustan Unilever

The category growth was witnessed not Care, Deodorants and Colour Cosmetics. Your Company has 9. More than and offices of your Company across the country.


Secretary for a copy thereof.

In addition, he held regional responsibility as structure. It enables training plan identification. A statement pursuant to Section of the Companies Act,relating to Subsidiary Companies, is attached to the Accounts. The global economy continues to remain under pressure from the ongoing political, policy and economic uncertainties around the world. Your Company is well placed to meet the baseline. While there are a few areas that need to be addressed, the Government has announced an intention to go live on GST on 1st July, and your Company will be ready for this transformative reform.

HUL Annual Report | Mehul Dugar –

The instrument of proxy, in order to be effective, should be deposited at the Registered Office of 4. We are procuring more compared annuql baseline.

This application takes into account the poor were asked to spend time with customers mobile coverage in rural Uindustan as well. Your Company manages cash and cash flow processes assiduously, involving all parts of the business.

This will enable the management to pro-actively protect value through implementation of a robust control environment. Major risks identified by the businesses and functions are systematically addressed through mitigating actions on a continuing basis.

The Company will adopt the provisions a week prior to the date of the meeting. Sanjiv Misra as an Independent Director on uunilever in our governance practices, under which we strive to maintain Board of the Company. Accordingly, your Company has taken ambitious targets of year-on-year reductions in CO 2 emissions kg per tonne of productiongroundwater abstraction cubic meter per tonne of production and waste generation kg per tonne of production in its operations.

Under Project structured and cost effective framework.

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