Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu SCEADU MANUAL Ask question. Description. SCEADU MANUAL. Browse this category: Shuttle Sceadu . Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Sceadu Evolution SCEADU SWM INSTRUCTION MANUAL MANUAL. Browse this category: Sceadu Evolution. Beyond Sceadu!! SDX 50HPM kit. This swashplate accepts 90°HPM,. °SWM, and °SWM linkage for all Hirobo 50/90 size models.

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However demand for the shuttle was such that the two ended up running concurrently though the Sceadu was mostly bought in the ’50’ size. Tighten one set screw, remove the other, locktite it and reinstall it then do remove and locktite the first one, be sure to do this to both paddles. Stabilizer Blades feature adjustable weights and are secured to the flybar with dual set screws. If you are going to remove paddle weight start by taking out the lead weights.

For this sheet to work for you, you will need to build your Evolution 30 EXACTLY mznual the manual instructs you and then use the linkage lengths given on this sheet for steps 32 through I found the EVO well packaged and an inspection revealed that it had arrived safely and intact. Note, in photo 40, the T lever for the collective has the single seadu that goes to the collective pitch arm installed backwards, the ball goes towards the inside so it lines up with the collective pitch arm Step It was a bit heavier than some of the models out there but that contributes to its stable hover and rock solid fast forward and backward flight characteristics.

Step 18 and 19 are dependent on whether you have a 30 or a Keep an eye on it and replace it with a quality clunk line hhirobo needed. To properly center the servo horn on the servo, rotate the servo horn until it sits 90 degrees to the servo itself.


Build the swash plate.

Thrust bearings are standard for smooth collective changes through the entire pitch range especially under the demanding loads of radical 3D flight. On this page you will find helpful explanation photos.

It used a small drill press vice to set the pin in to the radius arm and mixing lever as it was a very tight fit and mqnual to get even pressure.

Again available in both ’30’ and ’50’ sizes though as before, predominantly bought as the ’50’ variant. When the left stick is moved up or forward, the throttle servo should move forward or counter clockwise and the collective servo should move the swashplate up.

Flip the idle up switch and ensure the light stays on. Put a nut on one of the screws and tighten it down then stop and look at all the bearings and make sure they are properly captured in the seats and ensure that the fuel lines aren’t pinched in the frames. Now remove the engine mount bolts one by one and locktite them and reinstall and tighten sveadu.

One hole the manuwl will slip right through, the other hole you would have to thread hirobi bolt into, mark the smaller hole that you will be threading the bolt into, I used a silver sharpie pen as shown in photo New Integrated easily accessible switch mount capable of handling all switch sizes. Main Frame is capable of handling standard collective pitch controls or Hirobo’s SWM hiirobo mode deg. Hirobo has stepped up and given the EVO two point tail rotor pitch control, an excellent design.


When doing this step, make sure you have both bolts on each support started before you tighten anything down. Delrin crank lock and homemade fan tool. Correct frame holes to use in step 4. There is a few factors at work here but to avoid hidobo advanced rotor head theory discussion, if you find your EVO is pitchy in forward flight with the mixing arms set on the inner holes you can move the balls to the outer holes and still retain full aerobatic capability.


SCEADU MANUAL – Hirobo – Feel the Heart

Remember there is no need for locktite where nyloc nuts are used as in this step. Ray Hostettler would call this making the helicopter ‘kissy kissy’. After a few minor issues were found and corrected, Robert gave me the tip of inspecting the tail pitch slider channel and using the emery board in the channel to make sure it spins freely.

New higher capacity sealed muffler also included. I went ahead here and put a set of paddle gauges on to ensure that the paddles were even with the flybar carrier scexdu square to each other.

Show user ratings Check for Retailers. Notice that the balls are slightly offset on the servo wheel. If you are having trouble and the water starts to dry, dip the decal in the water again and start over. Some right trim was expected, a bit of right cyclic is required to counteract translating tendency; the tendency of the helicopter to slide to the left in a hover from the tail rotor blowing the helicopter sideways.

Ensure everything is going the correct direction. Again available in both ’30’ and ’50’ sizes though as before, predominantly bought as the ’50’ variant. Fuel tank assembly 9.

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