Otaku, subjectivity and databases: Hiroki Azuma’s Otaku: Japan’s database animals. Schäfer, Fabian; Roth, Martin. Posted at the Zurich Open. Otaku, subjectivity and databases: Hiroki Azuma’s Otaku: Japan’s database animals. Digital Culture & Education, 4(2) Copy. Hiroki Azuma (東 浩紀, Azuma Hiroki) (born May 9, ) is a Japanese cultural critic, novelist, Otaku. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Azuma, Hiroki. () “The Animalization of Otaku Culture” Mechademia 2 –

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He even says so in this article:.

Hiroki Azuma: The philosopher of ‘otaku’ speaks

I’d be interested to see more contemporary writings. Speriamo che la traduzione del libro di Azuma riesca a riequilibrare il discorso. This was a challenging book to read.

The single misfortune of this volume is that the English-language translation was published so long after the original text; thus its insights into this rapidly-expanding field of study have uiroki been superseded by its successors. The highest revenue-generating events in cities in the United States each year are all from Anime conventions! Brian Arthur’s argument about technology evolution, which supposedly piggybacks off of Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Could you please tell us about this? Mechademia 2 Networks of Desire Traces the web of desires that connects Japanese popular culture and its fans.

A Report on Knowledge. I actually KNOW guys who would do this. A publishing event—the highly influential best seller in Japan translated into English.

I wanted it to be about otaku culture and it ended up being ltaku philosophy and post modernism, the two things I hate the most, so just keep that in mind before yiroki. Otaku, subjectivity and databases: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Otakuu and Privacy Policy. Hiroki Azuma is one of the most influential young literary critics in Japan, focusing on literature and on the idea of individual liberty in an age of ubiquitous information.


On the surface both books approach totally different cultural representations and processes. And from the entire popular ogaku, only the anime Stand Alone Complex was able to predict and analyze contemporary modern Internet phenomena years before they happened, such as 4chan’s memetic Anonymous and the Wikileaks cyberterrorist Assange.

What people are doing here with the “otaku as intellectuals” quote is precisely that. Why should all this matter? I need to read it a couple more times to really parse the argument, but the fundamentals seem relatively sound. Translation, Canonization, and World Literature “Otaku” is a pretty I mentioned to someone how I was reading this book about how Japanese pop culture fans like to “remix” what they’re reading into parodies and spinoffs.

Mar 28, Patrick Lum rated it liked it. That said, those familiar with otaku culture may gain additional insight into this book as it presents a good model with which to understand the creation of otaku media, which often seems like little more than a pile of imitations at face value.

The post-modern revolution provided a theoretical framework for a very profound change in human relations but this revolution continues to use the praxis of modernity because intellectuals, by their very nature, belong to the old world even as they seek to understand the new. I outright hated all of his sources but Azuma himself has such an interesting voice that I didn’t mind rereading parts I didn’t understand or reading the parts I hated. He began writing inspired by the work of Kojin Karatani and Akira Asada.

You love expressing your superiority? The overseas image of a weak guy living in his parents basement simply don’t apply. You’ll get a lot out of it if you are an otaku or obsessive fan of any type.


It’s easier to use examples. Aug 30, D. Azuma grasps much of this. Azuma’s concept of “database” is contrasted to “grand narratives. My friend said to me, “Oh, you mean like how the Tale of Genji was read in the Edo period? Search Site only in current section.

Hiroki Azuma – Wikipedia

Whether they are losers or not, they are no different from a “curator of modern art” who “consumes” an entire library of “avant-garde art of the ‘s”. I found it really interesting. Books by Hiroki Azuma.

However, there are plenty of people who aren’t like hirok, and I find that a lot of the people I know who are into this sort of thing are in it because it’s like any other hobby. Two trojan horses are at play here.

Hiroki Azuma: The philosopher of ‘otaku’ speaks – Japan Today

The role of authors in this new paradigm is reduced to only what copyright law gives them. University of Minnesota Press Coming soon.

View a machine-translated version of the Japanese article. I argue that it is one more piece of evidence of the dumbing down of humanity into mindless consumers hell bent on collecting stuff to gratify needs that have been fed to them by marketers.

Azuma is married to the writer and poet Hoshio Sanae. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Introduction to the reading of Hegel.

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