19 items Honeywell Rondostat Programmable Thermostatic Radiator Valve TRV 1X HONEYWELL RONDOSTAT HRE HR HR Heizkörperregler. This project is about controlling a Honeywell Rondostat HRE electronic radiator thermostat over an RS bus. The idea for this project. The HR Rondostat. Is an electronic radiator control. It allows the user to precisely control the temperature in a room and introduces automatic running set .

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But carefull – its easy to overwind! Seller information revancia When there is need to post server any status from the client, the client will wake up by itself. It make it incompatible with simple wireless listening and loging. Well, almost – I saw rondkstat quite often bytes are swallowed.


This is signalization where motor stop logical level. I was try the rrondostat algoritmus with my valves in my flat. So I want to correct these “shift values” by a “partial” calibration to save battery. Sync Packets Did i get this right? Hope you can live with that point of view.

Honeywlel my home I’ve been controling all my audio and video equipments and also lights per iPhone since one year. Will most likely get more of the same in other rooms. This would make it easy to port your application to wireless HR20 control.


Jiri, the Suite is for me also an interesting technology project, since I have not written until yet a WPF application and I did like rondosttat use other technology stuff like reflection, data binding, user controls, which the.

Problem is that your log looks perfect.

OpenHR Firmware for Honeywell Rondostat HR20E –

There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. Yet, in the default-stroke mode, radiators stay cold after about three days, even though the HR20E shows a higher target-temperature.

RS HW is extremely simple, see to http: There are 10 items available. This is first just for monitoring and second to switch on and off the HR20s in the same room where I see an open window or door for some minimum time off course.


HR20 unpacks that datagram, checks rand, and if it is equal to the rand from 1. If Kmac or Kenc is broken, Km is worthless as well! An additional option is the 3 wire USI connection.

Hello Jiri, my “partial calibration” was only a thought for a workaround to automatically correct the actual position. It depends on the current position of the wheel. System was overregulated for any constant setting. NET Framework is not contained in the installer. You don’t need change anything on menu. Report item – opens in a new window or tab. Data speed is not critical, battery life is bigger broblem.


Except this I can’t recomend I2C bus over all valves. I have some ideas how to imrove it, but your ideas is also welcome. Hi just managed to flash the first HR In my case it is solved.


But is was unstable solution. Resume making your offerif the page does not update immediately. Also, when the heat is off e. I hope I’ll be able to improve the documentation soon: I will look up JTAG.

And it will better to repair temperature offset. Hi, This ht20e seems a bit quiet recently, maybe, because the weather is still warm and there is not much need for heating. Maybe I add a feature to load the eeprom structure from a file to have more flexibility for different versions. It seems very simple.

Next, if I enter new values directly in the thermostat and then read the timer settings again, nothing is changed on the rondoxtat. I have to think about it, but for me it seems to be a “Homebrewn” sollution which is not the best we hr20 have.

I am not sure I correctly understood what you ment. I putted a second temperatur sensor to the HR20 and tried to control the recirculation temperatur of any heater independently.

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