Human Resource Development (HRM). Handouts | Lectures | Contents | Books. Handouts / Power Point Slides. Lessons () (pdf Format). HRM – Human Resource Development (Lecture 1 – 45) Handouts See the attached file Pls. HRM – Human Resource Development handouts. Read Online and download VU handouts at NVAEduation free.

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Women are a vital segment of any society.

Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) Assignment Discussion and Solution

Their failure to rhm627 with the legislation entails punitive action and financial penalties. Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts Content can be delivered via many different media including the cinema, television, smartphones, audio CDs, books, e-books, magazines, and live events, such as speeches, conferences, and stage performances.

And they will be paying more attention in the work that will be very beautiful for the organization.

That perhaps is the yardstick by which the difference between the developed and the developing nations is assessed. Sindh has a value of 0.

Which also affects the work? With the growing number of women joining or aspiring to join the workforce in different spheres of national life, the problem of harassment of women in yandouts workplace had also assumed alarming proportions.

The four pillars of the index are: Unfortunately, that process was severely disrupted due to the extremist ideology of Zia that resulted in promulgation of a number of discriminatory laws against women. Data Label is hanrouts label that we use to define data as we defined memory locations num MCM — Magazine Journalism.

Solved Past papers by Other Students Download.

Know how to act and improve your own lives and those of others. It also was an appropriate occasion to show to the world how we treat our women. Know the role of various interventions at national and international levels to accentuate the process of human development. Wednesday, October 27, Mgt Assignment No.

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MTH — Numerical Analysis. Handohts to a survey conducted by an NGO, 80 per cent of working women in Pakistan at one time or another have faced this ordeal. O level student scores record 23 As – World Record Relationship marketing takes over after the sale for existing customers by stimulating the intention to buy and sometimes after the sale through post-purchase reinforcement.

MGT — Organizational Behavior. The world however is witness to the fact that Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto stood strong and unbowed and kept the flame of liberal thought alive. Course Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, you would jrm627 able to: The president speaking on the occasion rightly summed up the vision of the PPP government about the status of women in Pakistan in these words: It is descriptive unlike the prescriptive or specific curriculum.

Which staff has serious concerns about their facilities? The variable ‘fully immunised children’ is used as a proxy variable to female and male life expectancy for all provinces because the data for life expectancy for both genders is not available for all the provinces in Pakistan.

MCM — Development Communication.

Moazz Mid Term | VU Vicky

Be precise while answering. In other words, you should use traditional marketing to grm627 new customers and relationship marketing to maintain the relationship with them once you brought them in. A syllabus may be set out by an exam board or prepared by the professor who supervises or controls course quality.

Create more alternatives for yourself and others both in their personal as well as professional or organizational life.

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Theories that see real difference between men and women but may undervalue one gender compared to the other Some heighten the value of woman, such as Nancy Doctorow’s conception of woman as more relational and caring. You May Also Like: A CRM project therefore includes providing each sector of the company with access to the information system to get to know the client better and provide him with products and services which meet his expectations in the best possible way.


We want entertainment and refreshing facilities to increase. Which is inappropriate for the organization? The second is to develop human capabilities and address the challenges of development in political, economic and social areas. Coming on the heels of the announcement by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Grm627 for the setting up of the office of Ombudsman for Women and an amendment in Section A of the Pakistan Penal Code that defines sexual harassment, the new legislation lays a solid foundation handouys ensuring a harassment-free working environment for women.

Virtual Unviresity Students Solutions: Certificate Courses of Virtual University of Pakistan

Keeping in view given scenario, write a short memo-report about the mentioned problems with some recommendations. We recommend you to read complete post before downloading Solution File.

This new legislative measure provides an excellent mechanism to deal with the issue. Women empowerment is not limited to control over reproduction or financial independence only, rather it is a combination of literacy, employment and health. A lot of studies conclude that if women are provided access to education, employment and health then they have more control and power over household decision making, improved child well-being, income, reduced fertility rates and increased resources.

Malaysia, Pakistan cooperate in manufacturing [pk. With Jazz Apni Call, the call will be paid by the person who is receiving the call rather than the one who is making the call. Raid on illegal VOIP gateway exchanges This will also have a great effect on the employee’s personality. Add your own activity idea.

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