An imperforate hymen is a congenital disorder where a hymen without an opening completely obstructs the vagina. It is caused by a failure of the hymen to . Learn what to expect from an imperforate hymen, and how it’s treated. In the case of an imperforate hymen, a membrane extends all the way across the area of the hymen, blocking the vaginal opening. It is easily corrected through a.

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The hymen is a thin membrane.

It most often covers part of the opening of the vagina. Imperforate hymen is when the hymen covers the whole opening of the vagina. Imperforate hymen is something a girl is born with.

No one knows why this happens. There is nothing that the mother did to cause it. Girls can be diagnosed with imperforate hymen at any age. It is most often diagnosed at birth or later at puberty. At birth or early childhood, the health care provider may impeerforate that there is no opening in the hymen during a physical exam. At puberty, girls usually do not have any problems from an imperforate hymen until they start their period.


The imperforate hymen blocks the blood from flowing out. As the blood backs up the vagina, it causes:. The provider will do a pelvic exam. The provider may also do a imperofrate ultrasound and imaging studies of the kidneys.

What Is an Imperforate Hymen?

This is done to ensure that the problem is imperforate hymen rather than another problem. The provider may recommend that the girl see imperforatee specialist to make sure that the diagnosis is imperforate hymen.

A minor surgery can fix an imperforate hymen. The surgeon makes a small cut or incision and removes the extra hymen membrane.

After surgery, the girl may have to insert iperforate into the vagina for 15 minutes each day. A dilator looks like a tampon. This keeps the incision from closing on itself and keeps the vagina open. After girls recover from the surgery, they will have normal periods.

Imperforate Hymen | Boston Children’s Hospital

They can use tampons, have normal sexual intercourse, and have children. Management of abnormalities of the genitalia in girls. Pediatric and adolescent gynecology.

Imperforate hymen is the most common type of blockage of the vagina. As the blood backs up the vagina, it causes: Mass or fullness in the lower part of the belly from the build up of blood that can’t come out Stomach pain Back pain Problems with urinating and bowel movements The provider will do a pelvic exam. Girls who are diagnosed with imperforate hymen as babies most often have surgery when they are older and have just started puberty.


The surgery is done in early puberty when breast development and pubic hair growth has begun. Girls who are diagnosed when they are older have the same surgery. The surgery allows retained menstrual blood to leave the body. Girls recover from hymem surgery in a few days.

When to Call the Doctor.

Call the provider if: There are signs of infection after surgery, such as pain, pus, or fever. The hole in the vagina seems to be closing. The dilator will not go in or there is a lot of pain when it is inserted.

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