For as long as I’ve been on guitar forums, there has been a “cult of DE7”. I’ve never quite gotten it, until I got one last week. And now I get it. No. Buy Ibanez DE7 Delay/Echo Pedal: Delay & Reverb – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. ibanez de7 tone-lok delay echo In today’s world of awesome boutique pedals, it’s easy for a lot of us to dismiss a pedal due to its cost, which.

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But like you said, it could be a number of things. I ibsnez other delays I like and use just as much, but my DE7 is never going anywhere. One needs to have hobbies. I think the DE7 sounds amazing but is cursed. Home Forums Recent Posts.

Ibanez DE7 Delay Echo – Pedal of the Day

People who bought this also bought. The cool thing I love most is that, in echo mode, it blurs the line between repeats and a reverb-like wash that I can play riffs over the top of while it’s doing its thing in the background.

I ibsnez go on but no sense in that. This unit has dimensions of mm by 75mm by 53mm and weighs up to grams. Oct 25, It sounds like what I think an analogman dd3 would sound like.

  ASTM D1117 PDF

It’s too cheap not to DrakInAbsentia and delay dude like this. The knobs are like pop up headlamps.

Ibanez DE7 Delay ve Echo Pedalı – MyDukkan

No, create an account now. Oscillates like a mother but it does seem like a vending machine soda can construction wise. Skip to main content. Whether you prefer short or long delay times, the Ibanez Tone-lok DE7 is adjustable to your exact audio specifications.

An LED light on the front of the display will indicate if the pedal is functioning, and a dim light warns players of the device’s ihanez battery charge.

And ianez this great ibajez comes encased in a cool looking, road tough metal boxes at prices the working player can afford. Seems like the design is based on dedicated digital delay circuitry, rather than on DSP. Oct 25, 5. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Turning this knob all the way to the right when in echo mode will cause the repeats to go on without end.

The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Nice pedal with some great features to play around with. Oct 25, 3. On the outside, Tone-Lok effects are equipped with the Ibanez exclusive “set and forget” Push-Lok rotary pots.

Ibanez DE7 Echo Guitar Effect Pedal

Your name or email address: LionVerseOct 25, The last knob controls the level or volume of the delay tone output, and you can even select between two tone modes including Echo, a vintage low-fi sound, and Delay, a high-fidelity digital timbre. Trending Price New. Also mine was in impeccable condition but your mileage may very.


The “delay” mode has a pleasing grittiness and doesn’t slice your ears off like most digital delays. I have no idea what the manufactured numbers are, but pink ones tend to be seen rather rarely. Next to a Rat, it’s my favorite pedal. On the other hand, the number of links on the board. What comes to features, there are your standard Delay Time, Repeats aka feedback and effect level knobs.

Oct 25, 7. Does ve7 LED still light up?

Construction with mostly through hole components and a few surface mount chips on the bottom looks like a killer. Love your blog by the way!! The Echo mode is something special, it really is just perfect.

And now I get it. I need to grab a Skreddy echo, I’ve heard it’s the closest to the de7. I think I was delirious when I posted that originally. There are three ranges that vary from 30 milliseconds to milliseconds. Ugly case and all.

The second slide switches between Delay and Echo modes. Search Media New Media.

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