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Get methods should return the appropriate type e. Because it is a library, and not an application, there is no installation process, but you do need to go through a few steps to use iBATIS in your application.

iBATIS Interview Questions & Answers

For this, SQL statements and statements can contain simple dynamic SQL elements to help implement dynamic order by clauses, dynamic select columns or pretty much any part of the SQL innterview. The value of the statement property must be the name of another mapped statement. The RowHandler interface has only one method as follows:. At runtime, your application code calls a iBATIS library routine which reads and parses the main configuration file. Its pretty interesting inferview because there are major differences between iBatis and Hibernate.

Some incompatibilities may be found though. Type Aliases can be used in place of the full class name when specifying parameter or result classes. For more about Cache Models, see Section unterview. There are two versions of executeQueryForObjectone that returns a newly allocated object, and another that uses a pre-allocated object that is passed in as a parameter.

iBATIS Overview

This very useful method returns a list that can manage a subset of data that can be navigated forward and back. Setup the Distribution 5.

The values referenced by those keys must be of the appropriate type for the column, just as they would be if passed from a properties object. Note that each of the API methods accept the name of the Mapped Statement is passed in as the first parameter.


Cache models are configured using the cacheModel element as follows:. If the columns returned by a SQL statement match the result object, you may not need an explicit Result Map. String cannot be modified. Batches Java only 4.

iBATIS – Overview

Properties make it easy to reconfigure your application for multiple environments or use automated tools for configuration e. As you can see, it works exactly like the Ant copy task, and in fact it extends the Ant copy task, so you can really do anything with this task that Copy can do see the Ant Copy task documentation for details.

If a statement does expect parameters, then a valid parameterObject is required. The value parameter will be replaced with the value of the Integer instance. This method can be used whether the result object is a JavaBean or a Map or a primitive wrapper, but that would likely be useless. This setting globally enables or disables all lazy loading for an SqlMapClient.

The direction attribute may be set to indicate a stored procedure parameter type. In Example 31, an instance of HashMap or HashTable would be created for each row in the result set and populated with the Product data.

To code the if-else structures and string concatenations could get quite messy and require hundreds of lines of code. If you can write a statement or procedure that exposes the columns for your object, regardless of how they are stored, iBATIS can do the rest. Object Graph Navigation JavaBeans Properties, Maps, Lists Throughout this document you may have seen objects accessed through a special syntax that might be familiar to anyone who has used Struts or any other JavaBeans compatible framework.

You provide the database and the objects; iBATIS provides the mapping layer that goes between the two. Stop by the Support forum if you have any questions. If the result is true, the body content is included in the SQL query. The Semantic Module The semantic module defines the language semantic what each word means and how it will be translated for the process engine’s internal structures that are ready to be executed.


Different app servers and transaction managers have different rules unfortunately. This is the name of the one of the properties of the result object, the value of which is used as the key for each entry. Questionns also support other features events etc. If you need to manage the resultObject yourself, then it can be passed as the third parameter.

This is where transactions come into play. If you change a mapping document while a web application is running, you may need to restart the web server before the new configuration is loaded. Another solution is to ibaris a standard SQL join to return the columns you need from the another table. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The first executes a query and returns all of the results from that query. Note The SQL is generated when the Data Mapper instance is built, so there is no performance impact at execution time.

An appender is a component that collects output e. A database system can use a custom provider or a generic ODBC provider. The jdbcType or dbType attribute is used to explicitly specify the database column type of the ResultSet column that will be used to populate the object property. These days, ivatis are rumors that databases and SQL threaten our object models, ibatus that does not have to be the case. The distribution is in the form of a ZIP archive.

The Resources class attempts to simplify dealing with this sometimes tedious task. The third option is to convert your XML files as in 2 and your Java code. This solution words very well for stored procedures and works effectively for reporting applications etc Simple, but labor intensive, since developers spend a lot of time counting symbols to make sure everything is in sync. You have freedom to write your own queries and easy to maintain.

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