Ibn Sina Biography – Ibn Sina, also known by his Latinized name in Europe as Avicenna, was a Persian philosopher and polymath, born in CE. Regarded as. Avicenna, Arabic Ibn Sīnā, in full Abū ʿAlī al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Sīnā, ( born , near Bukhara, Iran [now in Uzbekistan]—died , Hamadan, Iran). IBN SINA – Persian Scientist Ibn Sina was the most famous of the philosopher-scientists of Islam. Ibn Sina, or Avicenna, was born in Bukhara then a.

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Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Bio

An influential and controversial interpretation of Avicenna through the lens of the later Iranian tradition portraying him as a mystic. He was eventually released but he decided to flee. Archived from the original on 14 December Anatomy A branch of medical science concerned with the structure of living organisms.

In his book The Physician Noah Gordon tells the story of a young English medical apprentice who disguises himself as a Jew to travel from England to Persia lbn learn from Avicenna, the great master of his time. Numerous commentaries, glosses and super-glosses were composed on them and continued to be produced into the 20th century.

In the Latin West, his metaphysics and theory of the soul had a profound influence on scholastic arguments, and as in the Islamic East, was the basis for considerable debate and argument. The super-abundant, pure Good that is sinha One cannot fail to produce an ordered and good cosmos that does not succeed him in time.

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Forty of his medical texts have survived, including one bioography the most significant books in the history of medicine called “Canon of Medicine”. One of these texts included the Proof of Propheciesin which he comments on several Biogrwphy verses and holds the Quran in high esteem. Meanwhile, he assisted his father in his financial labors, but still found time to write some of his earliest works.


After the death of his father, it seems that he was also given an administrative post. Archived from the original on October 7, bkography Famous Philosophers Biography, Facts and Works. After a year, he entered Buyid service as a physician, first with Majd al-Dawla in Rayy and then in in Hamadan where he became vizier of Shams al-Dawla.

First, there are the standards of formal inference of arguments —Is the argument logically sound? It is unclear if Buridan was influenced by Avicenna, or by Philoponus directly. He wrote prolifically on a wide inn of subjects. Walter de Gruyter, We will return to his biogrraphy later but first what can we say about his life?

Avicenna | Biography, Books, & Facts |

However, if no differentia distinguishes them from each other, then there is no sense in which these ‘Existents’ are not one and the same. There he first met his disciple and scribe Juzjani.

It also contains his own contemporary theories of medicine. An Educational Encyclopedia of Islam 2nd ed. Therefore, the chain of contingent existents must culminate in and find biograph causal principle in a sole, self-subsistent existent that is Necessary.

Help us improve this article! Just two generations after him, al-Ghazali d.

biograpyy Those of the chemical craft know well that no change can be effected in the different species of substances, though they can produce the biogra;hy of such change. Avicenna’s psychology requires that connection between the body and soul be strong enough to ensure the soul’s individuation, but weak enough to allow for its immortality.

Medieval Islamic MedicineWashington: If a person were created in a perfect state, but blind and suspended in the air but unable to perceive anything through his senses, would he be able to affirm the existence of his self?

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. Salvation depends on the purity of the soul and in particular the intellect that is trained and perfected through knowledge.


For example, the Canon of Medicine incorporates the work of Galen, as well as ancient Ayurvedic, Arabian and Persian texts.

Later, however, accompanied by his brother, a favorite pupil, and two slaves, Ibn Sina escaped from the city in the dress of a Sufi ascetic. Avicenna created new scientific vocabulary that had not previously existed in Persian. Following al-Farabi’s lead, Avicenna initiated a full-fledged inquiry into the question of being, in which he distinguished between essence Mahiat and existence Wujud.

The third sense is the imaginative faculty al-mutakhayyila which combines images in memory, separates them and produces new images. Finally, at Gorgannear the Caspian SeaAvicenna met with a friend, who bought a dwelling near his own house in which Avicenna lectured on logic and astronomy.

Because it is conceivable that a person, suspended in air while cut off from sense experiencewould still be capable of determining his own existence, the thought experiment points to the conclusions that the soul is a perfection, independent of the body, and an immaterial substance. From the depth of the black earth up to Saturn’s apogee, All the problems of the universe have been solved by me.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of In present-day Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistanhe is considered a national icon, and is often regarded as among the greatest Persians. Special Issue of Arabic Sciences and Philosophy. An excellent collection that includes insightful pieces on Avicennan physics and metaphysics.

Ibn Sina Biography

For a current list of his works see A. Epistemology The second most influential idea of Avicenna is his theory of the knowledge. The Metaphysics of The Healing.

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