Il Viaggio di Reims (libretto). Uploaded by rachellelagrange Libretto of the opera ‘Il Viaggio a Reims’ by Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, with English. A group of European aristocrats planning to attend Charles X’s coronation in Reims, await their departure at the Giglio d’oro. Madama Cortese, the director of the. Il viaggio a Reims, dramma giocoso in one act to a libretto by Luigi Balocchi, was first performed at the Théâtre Italien, Paris, on 19th June The singers in.

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Sprezzo e dispetto – destano in petto questi galanti – insidiator. Disaster is avoided only by the intervention of the famous Italian singer Corinna who is heard singing outside: The spa attendants rejoice and depart. La costumbre, la duda La reverencia, tanto al salir como al entrar.

Corinna asks when the party is to depart, and he and Delia leave Corinna alone while they go to see whether the horses have arrived. Voi siete l’idol mio The rest of the travellers arrive, and the Baron produces the courier Zefirino, who is obliged to report that there are no horses to be had anywhere, not even for ready money.

Don Alvaro and Count Libenskof viagfio them, asking about the horses, and the Baron, too, appears, looking woebegone. Samuel Ramey, one of the finest Rossini singers of our day, does full justice to Sidney’s big aria, omitted from Le Comte Ory ; and there is some outstanding obbligato flute-playing, too, by Wissam Boustany. This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat CORO L’attenzion con lei non vale, ha un gran gusto a brontolar.

Rhythmically, Abbado is exceptionally brilliant; it is a very alert performance, passionate and precise in the Toscanini libgetto.

Degli effetti facciam presto ,ibretto lista, onde tutto sia all’ordine ed in vista. De’ primi Orfei teutonici le rare produzioni, di corni e di tromboni modelli ignoti ancor. L’ingrato forse sta vagheggiando qualche bella Nello stesso tempo, Don Profondo entra dal mezzo in fondo e vede la scena; ma si ritira sorridendo, ed osserva d’intanto intanto.


Sidney, alone, laments his situation. Lord Sidney approaches, and she muses on his unwillingness to approach Corinna who, she is sure, reciprocates his love. Varie del Franco Orazio, litografie squisite, pennelli con matite, conchiglie coi color. Se os puede subir la sangre al cerebro.

Search Skip Search Close Search. CORO da loro Vuol far sempre da padrona, e si fa poi x. The problem has been solved, therefore, and the Baron also tries to heal the breach between the Conte di Libenskof and the Polish Marchesa, caused by Don Alvaro.

Oggi combattono, – dimani cedono, e salvar credono – il loro onor.

Rossini Il viaggio a Reims |

It also stimulated him to special flights of creative fancy as we can hear in the late and still too little known Peches de Vieillesseand, most lavishly of all, in this cornucopian revel. CORO Rapido il fatto succeda al dir. Ella s’appressa; a lei appunto io deggio comunicar la lettera di Roma. Disegni colorati dell’alto Pic terribile d’Harold, Malcolm e Ipsiboe il bel profil qui sta. Whether you want to see what we think of today’s latest releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, you will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Database.

Il viaggio a Reims – Rossini Opera Festival

Cade a un tratto in ginocchio oibretto a Corinna. The first performance after the reconstruction was given at the Rossini Opera Festival on 18 August A harp prelude is heard, and the poetess Corinna sings offstage of brotherly love, to everyone’s delight. CORO Inchini entrando e nell’uscir. At the price, it is irresistible. La cambiale di matrimonio. Nowadays we need comparable, if different, names and resources—happily to hand in Pesaro where the present recording was made during the festival.


The Contessa is worried because the dresses she is planning to wear at the great festivities have still not arrived. The Contessa is sung by Lella Cuberli, Karajan’s nominated Norma, and the piece, as she sings it, is a tour de force.

She rejects him in disdain. There is a delicious duet, unaccountably missing from Le Comte Oryfor Libenskof and Melibea; a duet whose deft, sighing cabaletta must rank as one of the most engaging of all Librefto inventions; and Raimondi has his witty disquisition on international types, a piece—forerunner viagio many numbers in Sullivan—which is heard to better effect here than in Robert’s description of his voyage through the Fourmoutiers cellars in Le Comte Ory where the prosody is less exact.

He then turns his attention to enumerating the effects of his fellow-travellers as requested by the Baronnoting that their possessions tend to sum up their each of their nations’ characteristics.

The Countess faints and Don Luigino calls for help. The winning subject turns out, appropriately enough, to be “Charles X, King of France”.

Maietta’s declared source is the preface Prefazione to the critical edition of the opera, edited by Janet J. Parte un altro servo.

Abbado’s conducting is marterly.

Rossini Il viaggio a Reims

The Barber of Seville William Tell. The opera ends with dances and a chorus. Retratos y retratitos muy ordenados de su feliz amor. Don Prudencio se aparta. When everyone else has left, the Baron tries to reconcile the jealous Count with the Marquise, ill has been seen with Don Alvaro. The Countess appears, looking for the Chevalier.

The company reels with horror. La incertidumbre me mata

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