Immortality, the novel is speculative fiction. Present day and life as we know it has just taken a quick left turn. Evolution is operating in ways no one could have. Immortality has been a best-selling techno-thriller on the Amazon Kindle since January ! Publisher’s Weekly STARRED FULL review: When. Sarah Mayfield, a young rookie cop, is plagued by dreams and a sense that some horror is just around the corner. Nobel winning molecular.

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Bohacz has placed many themes in this highly original thriller.

Want Immortality?

I received this book free from Pump Up Your Book. No eBook available CPrompt Amazon. It’s a story about genetic revelation, environmental destiny and humanity’s ecological responsibility. Journeyman’s Legacy Letters from Outpost First let me say that I was shocked the audiobook was 24 hours long. But we can’t keep being reminded, especially when these bohaxz are only recent. Perhaps it wasn’t for me.

With the onset of this novel’s apocalypse, one wonders why it didn’t occur years, decades earlier, when our Nation first participated in the Industrial Revolution, or at least after the first Atomic bombs were exploded.

This is especially true of late when one major PolItical Party, and their Presidential candidate want to gut, and or do away with all Environmental controls, and Agencies – He essentially wants to give Industry a free pass to pollute our Nation’s Air, Water, as well as Soil.

I recommend you give it a go. An illicit bulldozer operator begins hearing terrible noises from the depths No other compensation took place. An eschatological techno-thriller that explores human evolution, technology and the threat of global environmental collapse.

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Books by Kevin Bohacz. Kevin continued with his unquenchable thirst for creating cutting-edge technology and inventions, utilizing advanced engineering and creating custom software and hardware solutions for clients. Would I recommend it to friends? Still re The idea of ancient nanotech permeating the world was good and the story is story is pretty interesting.

Profile – Kevin Bohacz – The Authors Guild

A lot of times I want the science to be “out there” to suspend my belief in the ordinary. To make the finale work, he had to take a well-developed character and flatten him kevih to 2-dimensional status, and tried to blame it on the scientific postulate he espoused. This is a biography written by my first wife, Mazelle, my best friend who I lost at far too young an age to pancreatic cancer Immortalitythe 1 best bogacz fiction book of by W Thomas Payne No.

The Naptime Author Anne Clare explores the world of writing, one stolen minute at a time. Morrison’s search for the cause of the kill zones.

The story begun in Immortality is not over. However, in immorgality to make this particular storyline structure work, the author has to tread a very fine line between keeping up the pace, without confusing his reader with a dizzying procession of characters and events.

Kevin Bohacz

This book manages to do what all the best sci-fi does — provide a thought-provoking, alternative viewpoint on the business of existence. I recommend you give it a go. I really didn’t enjoy this book, which was too bad because I normally like these type of keivn.


Jan 02, Gerrit Middelkoop rated it really liked it. Our small family living in a 5th wheel following Dads work as a rock fall technician His career evolved with the birth of the personal computer revolution and with lmmortality emergence of the internet.

A lot of …more How could you enjoy any science fiction story or any fiction, really if you are wondering the whole time if it really could happen or imjortality

Immortality by Kevin Bohacz

The last sentence of the book has me sad on a couple of levels for the human race– and very curious “So much misguided fear,” said Mark. Hard science mixed with a bit of fantasy mixed with a decent plot along with good, solid characters.

I’m a bilingual teacher, and have decided that this summer I wanted to get back into the world of reading. If you thought Immortality was powerful, just wait until you read the sequel. Definitely a must-read, however, for everyone who likes sci-fi and mystery.

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