The distancing of critical analysis from autobiographical sleuthing reaches its furthest extent in Patricia Ingham’s rebuttal of Michael Slater’s Dickens and Women. Genetically Engineered Klebsiella plan- ticola: A Threat to Terrestrial Plant Life? (accessed November Under the direction of his academic advisor, Elaine Ingham, Holmes Because Ingham’s assertions were scientifically rebutted before the.

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Full story of the Dr Elaine Ingham controversy over Klebsiella p. The authors state that fermentation of glycerol to formate and alcohol supported the growth of the bacterial culture.

Also, if the igham bar is taken into account, the differences between SDF15 and SDF 20, and un-inoculated soil, do not appear significant. Until such time as adequate testing procedures are instigated and carried out, engineered organisms should not be considered to have acceptable risks. That information has been published for a number of years.

A defective mutant, deficient in ability to make alcohol such as SDF15 does not help in this interpretation. This material could be spread as a fertilizer then, and there wouldn’t be a waste product in this system at all. When that area fills up, I move it to another area and let it sit for months, where it turns into gorgeous, loose earth. My humor muse may have fled me when I wrote this post this afternoon leaving a collection of inghwm, hard semi-scientific factoids. Scientists at virtually every scientific institution in the country have made statements, something to the effect of: These facts make any conclusions that the recombinant strain SDF20 has an unusual inhibitory effect on plant growth due to alcohol formation impossible to substantiate, as the amount of wheat damage by the wild-type Klebsiella planticola was not evaluated.

Perna et al Nature Vol phas revealed this bacterium has inherited over genes from other species. But, seriously, Ongham apologize if I came off as sanctimonious. But my colleagues and I asked the question: Unfortunately George Lawton, whom you quote extensively, has been the victim of a cruel deceit. It is clear, therefore, that current testing procedures required by US regulatory agencies are completely inadequate in assessing the potential risks involved with genetically engineered organisms.


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Further, this paper was referenced by many others. Would it contain live Klebsiella-planticola engineered to produce alcohol? In an email response on 9 February, Dr Ingham substituted the following published scientific paper as supporting her witness statement: If he still had the engineered bacterium, he could repeat the work. Rebutal claim that “This could have been the single most devastating impact on human beings since we would likely have lost corn, wheat, barley, vegetable crops, trees, inghwm, etc, conceivably all terrestrial plants ” Witness Brief, paragraph 4 is not supported by the evidence.

In this rebuttal we detail scientific issues arising from the brief of evidence and analyse conclusions drawn by Dr Ingham based on scientific results published in cited reviewed papers. Even plants pose a problem, despite the possibility of mechanical control. The paper referenced by Dr Ingham could not be found.

Holmes’ work was given to the EPA. The main conclusion presented by Dr Ingham is that a genetically engineered Klebsiella planticola bacterium, if released into the environment, has the potential to kill all terrestrial plant life on the planet. Also, changes in the soil flora nematodes and wheat plants are studied. Neidhardt, American Society for Microbiology and such a mutation blocks a pathway for alcohol formation and causes the cells to develop extra nutrient requirements namely acetate as the mutation destroys the natural pathway of acetate formation.

Evidence in Rebuttal – Life Sciences Network

This concentration is several hundred times lower than that required to affect plant growth 10 milligrams per milliliteras indicated reebuttal a inbham by Jones, RP, Enzyme Microbio. Dr Ingham cites a paper: Check the line on page 73, “However, at the end of the experiment, plants in soil inoculated with with SDF20 were chlorotic and wilting, while plants in the uninoculated soil and soil with SDF15 were flowering.

Seems cooler composting might retain more helpful bacteria than hotter systems.


Field burning of plant residues to prevent ignham is a serious cause of air pollution throughout the US. I have to, respectfully, disagree with commentators on the use of black containers to create heat.

Full story of the Dr Elaine Ingham controversy over Klebsiella p.

Once it’s released out there into the real world, when the field tests occurred and we got an effect on non-target organisms, would we understand, possibly, that that was not a very intelligent thing to do, allow that field test? Holmes has said that he cannot repeat his Ph. Maybe that is the way to produce the best compost evar, but producing adequate compost with minimal effort is much more to my liking.

The alcohol genes in SDF20 come from the bacterium Zymomonas mobilis. Maybe someone needs to explain to me how to start large and hot. Other bacteria would happily consume that alcohol, and so on.

Klebsiella planticola is merely an example that human beings can engineer organisms that can cause serious problems. Right now, the chickens work everything over, then they scratch it through the chain link pen. Other people make bread making an absolute science. But I am not trying to say that all genetically engineered organisms are technological terrors. We could add it to gasoline. However, this sort of thing happens all of the time — yes, throughout the scientific community.

That being said, I stand behind the need to pay some attention to compost intended for a vegetable garden. I did not say in my testimony, or at any other time, that release of genetically engineered Klebsiella planticola would end life on earth. Email this post Email This Post. Such statements are clearly false — no more true that were similar statements made in the s and s regarding pesticides that have since been banned by the same agencies that initially approved them.

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