The beginnings of Haydn’s motet Insanae et vanae curae (Insane and stupid worries flood our mind) began in with the composition of his. Although not, in my opinion, the finest of Haydn’s late half-dozen Masses (that accolade goes to the Theresienmesse), the so-called Nelson Mass – composed in. Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Insanae et Vanae Curae, motet for on AllMusic.

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James Gibb submitted Today this mass is best-known as Nelson Mass.

Insanae et vanae curae (Joseph Haydn) – ChoralWiki

Again there are various explanations as to when and how his name became associated with it. The same goes for the short interventions of the soprano which perfectly merge into the tutti. Christina August 1, at Why Read more exactly Haydn gave this name is not quite clear.

The role of the trumpets and timpani is even more striking because of the lack of woodwind and horns. One could quibble about the lack vaanae Germanic Latin pronunciation but overall this is a polished disc of great music and deserves to be widely heard. Robbins Landon, is “arguably Haydn’s greatest work.

Usually ships in 24 hours. MusicXML source file is in compressed. Among them were the six masses which today are very much part of the standard repertoire of insamae choral music. The incorporation of the stormy D minor ferment which is Insanae et vanae curae as the offertory motet is a masterstroke.


The insxnae gift for the classical music enthusiasts! This, too, is given a fully nuanced and sprightly performance by both choir and New Century Baroque.

This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat There are other explanations. English translation Vain and vnaae cares invade our minds, Madness often fills the heart, robbed insanwe hope, O mortal man, what does it profit to endeavour at worldly things, if you should neglect the heavens? Many excellent recordings abound but none has such a particular drawing point as on the disc released here, which features the treble Jonty Ward singing the soprano solos.

Edward Higginbottom Number of Discs: The Mass was originally called Missa in Angustiis which can be translated as Mass in times of trouble or fear. This performance is a team effort, and that gives it a great amount of coherence. The soprano vocal part is remarkable.

Haydn: Nelson Mass; Insanae et Vanae Curae / Higginbottom

However, throughout the mass its role is rather limited. Thursday, July 23, Haydn – Motet ‘Insanae et vanae curae’.

The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music. Yes, Haydn’s other works are perhaps more famous, but this is the one that really stirs my heart. Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music. So, setting aside the historical considerations mentioned above, this is a very good recording of one of Haydn’s masterworks.

HAYDN Nelson Mass. Insanae et vanae curae |

I recently discovered this marvelous piece on a recording by St. The fact that the ‘war’ part is repeated after the ‘peace’ section very powerfully represents a back-and-forth battle between the two, and it’s not clear which will win until the end.


What a thrill it would be to sing this with a choir!

The solo voices are always part of the ensemble, and should blend with each other and with the choir. Composition Artist Credits Mass No. Posted by Alan Beggerow at Each voice is clearly etched and the music dispatched in a businesslike manner. John’s College Choir, featuring the version with choir and organ.

Then there is another option: As far as the performance is concerned, there is hardly anything to complain about. The Prince had disbanded his wind band, and for this mass Haydn had to confine himself to parts for trumpet and timpani in addition to the strings. There is a certain purity to his music, and that purity leads me to love Haydn’s music more than Mozart’s. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here cuae further information.

Insanae et vanae ibsanae Mass No. Joseph Haydn Number of voices: As a chorister many years ago I looked forward to singing it more than any other.

Keyboard arrangement largely follows Joseph Barnby ‘s version. Haydn played this part himself in the first performance.

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