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Usmerjena je bila v prouevanje podzemne krake vode. One of the goals of our study was also to look for karst areas or locations with potential use for tourism. We were sam pling at the Riana, Lintvern and other springs.

Proceedigns 16WFC

One stalactite in particular shows three growth hiatuses, suggesting submersion at least th ree times. Bollettino della Societ Geologica Italiana, Origins of honeycomb weathering: Bulk sampling was performed continuously throughout boxes 2 2 1.

Location of the V elika P asica Cave Slovenia. One of these extents vertically and continues for several meters.

Acta Carsologica, 39, 3, Dierent radiation balance is the consequence of the normativq reection of solar radiation due to the existence of “street canyons”.


Geoarchaeology and micromor phology of Abric de la Cativera Catalonia, Spain. Faults occurred along numerous bedding planes due to tilting and folding, resulting in faster karstication in these sections.

Regarding the minor ions: Gams was my supervisor for master and doc toral thesis.

Acta carsologica

The stratigraphic position of these units following vitis River that must have interrupted the human oc cupation in the site. It is composed of a series of small chambers and passages with rounded forms, small tubes and pillars.

In general, I do not have nice memories on this period. United States Pharmacopeial Convention; Fine-grained sediments with high organic content in cluding fungi cover the oor.

Many of the caves used for reconstruction of sea levels are marine caves, formed by the mechanical ac tion of waves on fracture or bedding plane permeability path ways. Results from Southern Europe.

2009-07 – Petrobras – Julho-2009

During the last decades, paleoenvironmental inter pretation of sedimentary sequences preserved at rockshel ters and caves around the Mediterranean region is being conducted by employing a variety of methodologies such as sedimentological, geochemical and micromorpho logical analysis e.

Mangin organized that I visited some other centres and professors in France who worked on karst. A year later I was full time employed and was tasked to make preparation research for the motorway route between Postojna and Vrhnika.


How ever, many of readers probably do not know that you are also a war veteran. Calcite dissolution under turbulent ow conditions: Therefore, the temperature of the drip water could act as tions Anderson Atmosphe ric Environment, 45, Sources of CO 2 eux from soil and review of partitioning methods.

For me it is better not to remember those days.

Proceedigns 16WFC

Cave in the site Katar raktes, Sidirokastro, Serres, Greece. Oh, this was a long time ago.

It is a simple uniform blind! What, on your opinion, is the highest achievement of your thesis? Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 69, A group of local people built in two pools for collecting water at the point of a small permanent outow of water through a ssure in dolomite.

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