Toicnes and Schawlow Microwave Spectroscopy. White. Introduction to Atomic Spectra. The late F. K. Richtmyer was Consulting Editor of the series from its. INTRODUCTION. TO. ATOMIC SPECTRA. BY. HARVEY ELLIOTT WHITE, PH.D,. Assistant Professor of Ph ysics, at the. University of California. McGRAW-HILL. – Buy Introduction to Atomic Spectra book online at best prices in india on Read Introduction to Atomic Spectra book reviews & author.

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It should be pointed out that the electron is not confined to the shaded areas in each figure. Had Newton used a narrow slit as a secondary source of light and examined carefully its image in the spectrum, he probably would have discovered, as did Wollaston 1 and Fraunhofer 2 more than one hundred years later, the dark absorption lines of the sun’s spectrum. Menzel of the Lick and Harvard observatories, for the original terrestrial, stellar, and solar spectrograms, and to Mr.

This it will be seen in Chap. Using Liveing and Dewar’s data on the sodium and potassium series, Rydberg made for the first time the distinction between what is called a sharp series and a diffuse series. Lyman series series Fig. This period is unique, however, in that it is interrupted at one point to allow the introduction of the 14 rare-earth elements. Turning this figure sideways and raising each series until the limits fall together, an energy level diagram is obtained with a singlet sharp level at the bottom.

With the value of a from Eq. VIII The total quantum number n has no restrictions and may change by any integral amount. At first this new angular momentum was ascribed to the atom core and assigned various values suitable for the proper explanation of the various types of spectral lines: The Stark Effect in Helium.


In addition to the shaded curve for the 10 core electrons the three lowest possible states for the one and only valence electron are also shown. The quantum-mechanical picture, on the other hand, appears in the form of a probability-density distribution for the same electrons.

Three-dimensional curves are obtained by rotating each figure about its vertical axis. Now a determinant possesses the prop- erty that when any row is multiplied by any factor and added to any other row the determinant remains unchanged in value.

I Similar relations are found to exist among the triplet series of the alkaline earths. Each of these functions is a solution of a wave equation. Solutions which satisfy these conditions are called eigenf unctions.

It must be remembered that, while the kinetic energy increases with decreasing n, i. In the field of the 1 Born, M. Spin-orbit Interaction for Penetrating Orbits. Since all fixed terms occurring in Eqs. To effect a calculation of the term values for penetrating orbits on the classical theory, one is led by necessity to simplify somewhat the atom-core spechra given in Fig. When the velocity has increased sufficiently to excite sodium atoms, inelastic collisions occur.

Introductionn Degrees of Freedom.

In attempting to apply Eq. In order to quantize any proposed atomic system Wilson 2 and Som- merfeld postulated, about the same time and quite independently, that each degree of freedom must be quantized separately.

Four years later Hartley 2 discovered that the components of a doublet or triplet series have the same separations when introductin in terms of frequencies instead of wave-lengths.

In looking for a solution of Eq.

II electrons removed, 3 for doubly ionized lithium, i. Ten years later Schuster 2 discredited this hypothesis by showing that such a coincidence is no more than would be expected by chance. He therefore could write Eqs. IV of the electron, i. A third type of series found in many spectra is the so-called principal series, involving as its first member the resonance or persistence line of the entire spectrum.


Introduction to Atomic Spectra

Soc, 24,; and Fermi, Zeits. The dots on the r axis represent the extremities of the classical orbits based on model a see Fig. Assume complete penetration when the electron is inside the core, i. As the inter- action energy gets smaller and smaller in introductjon given series, T will approach zero and the levels will gradually come together at their center of gravity To.

A calculation of the interaction energy due to the addition of an electron spin to the atom model has been made on the quantum mechanics by Pauli, 1 Darwin, 2 Dirac, 3 Gordon,’ 1 and others.

The subscripts 0, 1, and 2, used here to distinguish between limits, are in accord with, and are part of, the internationally adopted notation and are of importance in the theory of atomic structure. The last two statements are illustrated schematically in Fig.

Introduction to atomic spectra | Open Library

Resonance or persistence lines are those relatively strong lines most easily excited. Once developed the orbital model then furnishes a very easy step to the quantum- mechanical atom as given by Schrodinger’s wave equation or by the Dirac electron. Two other series have been found in the extreme ultra-violet spectrum of helium by Lyman.

This series has therefore become known as the Lyman series. Although its general application will be left to Chap. Taking first and second derivatives, Eq.

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