Iqtida’al-sirat al-mustaqim. Front Cover. Ahmad ibn ‘Abd al-Halim Ibn Taymiyyah Bibliographic information. QR code for Iqtida’al-sirat al-mustaqim. Iqtida’ al sirat al mustaqim – ibn Taymiyyah (Arabic). Buy Iqtida al-Sirat al-Mustaqim by Ibn Taymiyyah (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Iqtida’ Al Sirat Al Mustaqim

For saying that when someone is doing the same thing as the others but there are no intentions of imitating each other as a tasyabbuh, this judgement needs to be refined. Digital Library Federation, December The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. When we state of this thing specifically, the general method is included. This is I Tai i ah s a al sis after studying many hadiths regarding the prohibition on imitating the non-Muslims. Ibn Manzur, Lisan al-Arab, Bei ut: The uli g that had ee assig ed the p e ious s hola s of fi h referring to the hukm regarding the non-Muslims that lived under the Islamic government is that to differentiate between the Muslims and the non-Muslims in terms of appearances such as hair style, fashion, languages and others.

Onze wensen voor een gezegend Some of his impractical views nowadays include: Therefore, it is compulsory for every Muslims to take note of this issue and follow the guidance of Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW on abstaining ourselves as Muslims from imitating the non-Muslims in everyday life. Muhadaratuhu wa Maqalatuhu wa Dirasatuhu, Cairo: Skip to main content.

To get musaqim of the deviance that their religion non-Muslims had and a general prohibition within a Muslim-centred society 3. Same goes that we should follow a non-Muslim in their acts, even though their acts do not imply a negative effect, in general, they themselves would bring two effects, that is either bad or good.


JarirBooks-Arabic Books & More: Iqtida’ al-Sirat al-Mustaqim اقـتـضـاء الصراط المـسـتـقـيـم:

There are many virtues and reasons why the Muslims are commanded to abstain musgaqim from the abhorred the Jews and the deviated the Christians or in ql, with the non-Muslims. Muhadarah wa Muqawalah wa Dirasat, Beirut: Click here to sign up. Excessive toleration on imitating non- Muslims could pose a religious pluralism that is forbidden in Islam. Even so, it is a ruling and a methodology that had been commanded by Allah to His Prophet.

After giving evidences from al-Quran, Sunnah, athar of the Co pa io s. Ibn Taimiyyah, I tida al-Sirat al-Mustaqim, It is compulsory for every Muslim to ask from Allah SWT to guide them on justaqim straight path, that is the path of those that Allah bestowed His Grace, that is the path of the Prophets a.

In reality, the contents of the book had been critically studied thus making the book very significant as a guide for the Islamic ummah1.

Da Ih a al-Turath al-Arabi,7: Al-Ghazi s definition is quite general but al-Mu a i s defi ition is quite specific into the istida of imitation8. They are not allowed to speak the languages that the Muslims speak 5. During every cycle of each prayer the following phrase is included:. Views of Ibn Taimiyyah that are Irrelevant due to Time Growth Even though Ibn Taimiyyah created a monumental work regarding this issue, there are some of his views that are currently irrelevant.

Some of them are as follow: Before he gave out the evidences, he first explained the pros of abstaining from non-Muslims and the cons of imitating them with this statement: Siat al- Asi ah. He was also given the honour to tea h the k o ledge of tafsi at the age of at Musraqim i al- U a i The e a e e ide es of p ohi itio ega di g i itati g the o – Arabs from the hadith of Rasulullah SAW referring to the naming of the times of the prayers that are Maghrib and Isya.


The A ja non-Arabs is specifically classified into the non-Muslim society such as the Persians and Romans. Cancel Forgot your password? Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. This is based on his statement: I ge e al, tas a uh o p ises of a o e ho does so ethi g because ao else had done it, and this rarely happens. In addition, it is also compulsory for Muslims to abstain themselves from doing things that deviate from al-Sunnah.

Please enter your name. Views Read Edit View history. Dar al-Kutub al-Jadid, The concept of al-Ritanah in Islam x.

Various narratives remain and AWR has clarified them. Document, Internet resource Document Type: Citations are based on reference standards. The prohibition of making tasyabbuh that involves appearances such as language, transportation, fashion and others.

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