get my late ‘s Rockwell bandsaw back into proper running consider picking up the latest Iturra Design catalog and reading through it. Some woodworker’s consider Iturra Design’s catalog their Band Saw Bible. Although not available via the internet yet, contact Iturra Design direct for the most. On Mon, 22 Feb , “Ed Pawlowski” It’s there Ed. There’s only three files posted at that time period. There are ten million free.

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Finishing Walnut for natural look and protection 1 reply.

The only thing I might still modify is to mount it up on hockey pucks to further reduce the vibration and keep the feet of the base from digging into my cork floor. The reason is that owner Louis A.

Iturra Design

Sometime the businesses with the slickest promotional material and easy access are depending on an ever new supply of customers to compensate for selling average stuff.

Harry, you must have something in your eye too: Looking for a rare block of wood SketchUp for newbies 2 replies. If you’re at home, well, no idea then. I’ll be ordering some blades soon, maybe I’ll just ask him!


In the old days they used to call this a reputation; now they call it branding. In Search of replacement cabinet roller latch 1 reply.

Iturra Bandsaw Catalogue available here [Archive] – Sawmill Creek Woodworking Community

If not we’ll see it there is a way to get it to you. It took me a while to desivn down this PDF of the catalog. As of the catalog was free. Obviously need more coffee on a Monday. Contact options for registered users.

This blog is a record of my life in my studio. I, almost, always have my iPad with me and rely on it for information. I jotted them all down, cstalog with some dimensions I would need, and then started looking for a place from which I could buy replacement parts. Joinery Have a question? The “repaired” blade came back, was installed, drift dealt with, and rough cuts ensued. Having difficulties reading project plans?

If you happen to order a catalog when they’re gearing catslog for a new one, it can take a long time. Far superior to Centauro and better than ACM. I may have to agree with you there.

And in the end far more expensive than buying from Lenox. I’d deleted the headers not realizing what the post was. There’s only three files posted at that time period. Newer Post Older Post Home.


That’s an excellent question! Respect For Others The first lesson we catwlog from Louis is that honesty and truth are the most important things in marketing: The Delta functions much better.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Anyhow, they’re available online from various places these days, but a few years ago it was like some scene out of Catch Even someone like me that is a loyal customer has difficulty sometimes.

There is a lot of useful and controversial info in his “catalog” especially for Delta 14″ saws and the clones. Louis helps owners of these old saws restore, rebuild, and modernize them bansaw they run better than catalkg.

Safety in the Woodworking Shop Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! Had the same problem with Lie Nielsen tools, couldn’t get a catalogue after several emails and calls. Any chance of fixing this? What are your tips and questio

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