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Reference to a named Pharaoh is conspicuously absent. The chronological significance of this possibility is something for discussion elsewhere. Letters from Ancient Egypt. As Herihor still called himself HPA in the Year 6, this would mean that all the building work Khonsu temple and Hypostyle Hall bearing his name as king would have had to have been carried out during the late Year 6 to early Year 7. Cahiers de Tanis, 1: Kirchberg, Exact -algebras, tensor products, and the classification of purely infinite algebrasProc.

Hjelmborg, Purely infinite and stable -algebras of graphs and dynamical systemsErgod. References [Enhancements On Off] What’s this? Here we may be dealing with the subtle- ties of protocol. Herihor could have become king at any point after Year 5 of the Renaissance, possibly even late in Year 6, when he was attested as HPA on two bandages.

The understanding that the references to Herihor in Years 5 and 6 can only be from the w m-mswt11 fits much more evidence other than the erstwhile father-son relationship between Herihor and Piankh.

To summarise, it would seem that there are no compelling rea- sons for reversing the traditional order Herihor-Piankh, although two points raised 1. Year BAR International Series This prince [ Piankh], though he inherited the high priesthood, does not seem to biwinski ruled independently.


Given that, the Hrere problem raised by Jansen-Winkeln see point 4. Cambridge 3—9 Septembered. First it would mean that the pontificate of Herihor would have to interrupt the father-to-son succession Piankh to Pinudjem I.

There is thus clearly no problem with Butehamun having written a letter to Herihor before niwinnski Year 6 or 7 of the w m-mswt when the latter is generally assumed to have died — but see below. It should be emphasized that care was taken throughout to maintain a balance between raised and sunken relief in the wall scenes that imitate the pattern of the Great Hypostyle Hall, a fact that speaks against hasty work in the court of the temple.

Matsumoto, -theory for -algebras associated with subshiftsMath. But it is not clear how this resolves the problems just outlined. We then use these ma to deduce the main uniqueness theorems for Cuntz-Krieger algebras and to compute their -theory.

Additional Information Iain Raeburn Affiliation: Ancient Records of Egypt Nkwinski. Raeburn, The ideal structure of Cuntz-Krieger algebrasErgod.

It does not differ from that of Kitchen and others in starting the pontificate and kingship of Herihor in the Renaissance period, fairly late in the reign of Ramesses XI.

If the quality of the reliefs is taken into consideration, although it is evident that they may reflect a decline in artistic merit, there is no discernable indication of undue haste in their execution such as one might have expected if the reliefs of the Feast of Opet were truly historical and had been carved within two years of the arrival of the Phoenician lumber and the construction of the riverine barge of Amon-Re. Both points have been adequately addressed by Kitchen, who notes that.

Since the finite approximating graphs have sinks, we have to calculate the -theory of Cuntz-Krieger algebras of graphs with sinks, and the direct methods we use to do this should be of independent interest. If so, it would date from before the pontificate of Pinudjem, as calculated here. Please, select dates to see available rooms.


Tadeusz Niwiński

Additional Observations on Their Identity. Young, however, was wrong in assuming that Piankh was a son that predeceased his father, Herihor. Choose subject… Change booking Cancel booking I did not stay at the hotel Hotel info Partnership Other Check prices and availability Group booking for business clients Group booking for travel agencies Request my personal data Remove my personal data. Laca, Cuntz-Krieger algebras for infinite matricesJ. Nevertheless, it has highlighted two problem areas: Rutgers University Press, Raeburn, The -algebras of infinite graphsProc.

The Problematic Career of Pinuzem. Payankh on the other hand is not recorded as a builder. The Year 1 could well apply to Pinudjem as King and the Year 4 to the w m-mswt — see n. Operator Theory 45no. Namely, that during Year 1—6 of the w m-mswt, Herihor exercised all his other known functions i. Egypt of the Pharaohs. Laca, The -theory of Cuntz-Krieger algebras for infinite matrices-Theory 19 Raeburn, Cuntz-Krieger algebras of directed graphsPacific J. Cambridge University Press, Log In Sign Up.

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Postscript This article was completed in draft form in June Your rating point Awful Awesome 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Checking available hotels Search in progress…. For the first time ever, this man united in himself wide military powers, niwimski Theban high-priesthood, and the rule of Nubia.

The Mother of Herihor Rediscovered.

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