Gideon: The Nightwalkers [Jacquelyn Frank] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. They’re called the Nightwalkers–proud, ancient beings who. Gideon is the second in the Nightwalkers series by Jacquelyn Frank, the first being Jacob. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the first book in the series when . In Frank ‘s seductively crafted universe (introduced in last year’s Jacob: The Nightwalkers), demons aren’t the clawed horrors of myth (unless.

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I see that she hasn’t lost anything from her selfish and spoiled being. Apr 06, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it liked it. It was an act of sheer will and perseverance that allowed me to even get to the end.

I just hope that Elijah has more interaction between characters, and less extrapolating. I will have all of you or I will turn my back on you and take nothing at all! You joke about it, but ther are reasons why you are not interested in finding a companion of your own.

I am here, right where I belong. I even found myself, toward the end, skimming their love scenes. Really, really like that one. I wanted to slap him too many times to count.

If you are happy to read about a romance which isn’t actually a choice between people but their destiny, and how they learn to live with knowing each others’ thoughts, this book is interesting enough. But I want to keep up with the story arch. Would it kill you to come up with your own material? What he was receiving from her electric, powerful, and a healing of his self-imposed solitude that was like a beneficent balm.


However, in this one, I found that all the men sounded a lot like Jacob from the first book. I felt like it took way too long to get to the story for this book. She did not live up to what her potential was.

Gideon is a Ancient healer and the oldest surviving member of his race, the demon. Open Preview See a Problem?

So, yes, I’ll finish the series nighhtwalkers not gideoon because I have all the books-I truly am vested in the characters. So, when I found a cheap used copy of this one, I figured what the heck? Gideon and Magdelegna now must come to terms with their Fate, the desire they feel for each other, and their blossoming feelings all in the midst of a full-blown battle between human necromancers and the Nightwalkers Christian Grey rated it really nightwalkets it Shelves: I freaked out when they found Bella bloody and broken on the floor.

Jul 30, Leah rated it liked it Shelves: Legna was way way waaaay better heroine and definitely much much more helpful through the books -yes, plural- and she’s done enough favors to last her a lifetime and that is the lifetime of an immortal. For someone who’s been alone for so long, he’s adapted rather too quickly.

Elijah: The Nightwalkers, Book 3

Now with the necromancers threatening his people – and Magdelegna nearly their victim – Gideon must face another truth. Good Lordhe’s an excellent lover. I freaked out, also, when Corrine was kidnapped, and I was very, very glad she was rescued.

Plus the connection that the fighting pairs have make them almost indestructible, frak to frano each other thoughts while fighting or being apart is pretty cool. In fact I will continue on in the series specifically because I love the storyline and the world Jacqueline Frank built. Authors-To Kindle or Not to Kindle?


Especially Gideon and Jacob.

Oh, how dry the romance is. I’ll read the next book in the series hopefully in August. Gideon as well fell flat for me. Gideon is an Ancient being one of the oldest demon all he knows frano solitude, and has no idea how to communicate and identify with others of his race.

I love you, Neliss, as I have never loved in the whole of my life. Anyway, it’s a fantasy that features predominantly in romance fiction, and in Gideon is quite beautiful and really makes you smile, because he’s just so adorable in his vulnerability as well as sexy in his strength: The world of the Demons works with “imprinting”, that there is one special person for each, and Magdalegna and Gideon discover fairly early on in the book that they are Imprinting one another.

Frank and will finish the series. Added by 5 of our members.

Book review: Jacquelyn Frank’s *Gideon (The Nightwalkers Book 2)*

They’re called the Nightwalkers–proud, ancient beings who live in the shadows, existing just beyond the human world. Why is she letting him know she desires him? As this book starts, the wars between demons, vampires and lycanthropes have ended and the races are just beginning to settle into the peace, albeit with considerable mistrust.

Has it never occurred to you that you are simply unwilling to share me with anyone else?

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