Jacques Mabit. Track: Shamanism and Its Potential for Modern Man. Ayahuasca use in the new-age context. Over the last years, ayahuasca has come to. Jacques Mabit, M.D., is Founder and Executive President of the Takiwasi Center for Drug Addict Rehabilitation and Research on Traditional Medicines in. Our first visit to Takiwasi, the center for the treatment of addiction that utilizes the methods of Amazonian shamanism along with Western psychotherapy, and its.

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From tohe served as director of a hospital in the province of Lampa, in the high plains region of Puno, under the sponsorship of Doctors Without Borders. This phlegm can be transmitted from teacher to apprentice: Therefore, every depressive profile deserves a previous evaluation in order to con- sider the adequateness of the use of ayahuasca. Thank you for sharing this personal experience.

The seminars were only macques every 2 months or 6 a year with only one of those with English. A young European woman, after taking ayahuasca with an indigenous man, ended up in a hotel in the city in the middle of a psychological regression, locked up for days in her room surrounded by many stuffed animals, drinking nothing but milk.

Two days later I was taking ayahuasca again.

Jacques Mabit | Singing to the Plants

Every subject must previously ingest at least one maibt emetic plant. January 3, at On the other hand, as I have already shown, there are energetic-spiritual problems infestation or various levels of possession which having not been recognized as such by psychiatry would be falsely categorized as psychotic breaks. The alimentary preparation must be established at least one day before ingestion and must be continued for a minimum of 2 days after, mzbit one week before and after drinking ayahuasca is recommend- ed.


We were on pilgrimage, then. In the countries or geographic zones of ancestral use of ayahuasca, the ethnic groups know how to regulate this practice without the need of intervention from the state.

But at that moment everything changed and suddenly I understood many things, saw a lot of connections, and in that one moment ten years of previous psychoanalysis became clear.

What are the principal plants used in Takiwasi besides ayahuasca and what do they do? He genuinely dedicates his life to helping others and to promote traditional medicine.

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The subject speaks to me The placebo response towards any therapeutic strategy plays a role and so it does in the taking of ayahuasca, but it cannot in anyway account for the results obtained with its use.

To post- modern New Agers, good intentions are all that is needed to be protected, a belief which represents a great illusion and a major danger. Jacques Mabit has developed an original method for rehabilitating drug addicts that combines therapies developed and widely practiced in modern, industrialized societies with the use of medicinal plants and other techniques long employed by traditional healers in the Amazonian region of Peru.

These therapists should have solid personal experience in the use of ayahuasca themselves, which is the best guarantee of their ability to face embarrassing situations during a session. Ritual Ayahuasca Use and Health She had to be repatriated.

All therapies are medically monitored and scientifically tested and evaluated in the center’s research laboratory. If the subsequent integration of the experience does not happen, some people could be misled to regard spiritual information as psychical or even physical realities, due to the lack of symbolic reading or interpretation of their experiences and visions.

This means inefficient treatment for eventual problems to be solved, and dangerous potential outcomes, spiritually, psychologically and even physically. He found inspiration at a Buddhist temple in Thailand where they cured drug addicts with plants and a strong spiritual practice.


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Afterwards this young man needed a 3 day follow up until he came back to equanimity. Conventional medication is not used except in rare emergenciesand physical detoxification is accomplished through the use of medicinal plants.

Howev- er, it is possible to gradually reduce medications while taking msbit.

Therefore we generally consider this problem as almost nonexistent if the regular precautions in the selection of patients are taken.

Sexual abstinence is also recommended for the same period of time. I hope so, Steve. And most usual treatment approaches ignore addicts’ inner crises of identity and purpose, which Jacques believes to be the basic cause of their addiction. This, together with a lack of command of the metaphoric code, can result in the misinterpretation of the experience.

The differential diagnosis is utterly important as in this case the classic intervention with neuroleptics would erase the exterior, symptomatic, manifestation without resolving the situation. However, the fact is that I have never witnessed situations that go beyond verbal aggression or tempestuous gestures that do not jeopardize the integrity of the person, the other participants, or the ones managing the session.

What can happen in your opinion if these recommendations are not fol- lowed? This requires from the therapist the ability of symbolic interpretation and a vast personal experience with altered states of consciousness. Besides that, pregnant women have a very strong energy that can affect and dis- turb the other participants during an ayahuasca session.

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